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Update – Ground Ambulance Assessment SFY24 Q1

The SFY24 Q1 invoices have been mailed by TennCare (payments are due 11-29-2023). We are waiting on the payment reports to be completed (possibly by the end of this week). We will mail the payment reports as soon as we receive them from TennCare.

New Invoice Calculation Process
Previous invoices were based on the most recent calendar year total of transports. That number was divided by 4 and then multiplied by $20.53 to get your quarterly invoice.

This fiscal year’s invoices are based on transports during the period 2 quarters behind. That number is multiplied by $20.00 to get your quarterly invoice. The current invoice is based on transports during SFY23 Q4 (May-June 2023).

The next quarterly invoice (expected late January-early February) will be based on transports during SFY24 Q1 (July-September 2023).

Ground Assessment Program Reminders

  • Qualifying transports that apply towards your quarterly invoices are based on an emergency response that resulted in a transport. These transports are derived from the Office of EMS TNEMSIS system. Per TN Code Annotated § 71-5-1506.
  • Policy Measures to Ensure Enforcement and Compliance — Penalties — Quarterly Transport Count Data The bureau has the authority to create policy measures that ensure the enforcement and compliance of this part. The bureau shall require an ambulance provider that fails to pay an assessment due under this part to pay the bureau, in addition to the assessment, a penalty of fifty dollars ($50.00) per calendar day for each day the assessment remains unpaid in full after the date due. The bureau may waive penalties for a delinquent provider if the provider has entered into a payment plan approved by the bureau. If the provider fails to comply with the terms of the payment plan, then the bureau may reinstate the waived penalties. Other enforcement measures determined by the bureau include, but are not limited to, recoupments, withholding of future payments, and loss of Medicaid ID.