September 2016

Board of Directors Minutes

DoubleTree Hotel Murfreesboro

(2016 Reimbursement & Compliance Conference)

Murfreesboro, TN

September 7, 2016

President Reed called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm

Board Member attendance:

1 Andrew Reed – President present 8 Ted Cox** – South Central Region present
2 Joyce Noles – Vice-President present 9 Tim Booher – Upper Cumberland absent
3 Keith Douglas – Secretary present 10 Shannon Seaton – West Grand Div present
4 Rick Valentine – Treasurer present 11 Ricky Slack – Middle Grand Div present
5 Andrew Hart – West Region *present 12 Tommy Crowder – East Grand Div present
6 Wallace Elliott – Upper East Region present 13 Stan Clark – Southeastern Region present
7 Brad Phillips – Region II present 14 Lis Henley – Middle Region conference

*present via conference call ** new board member

Others Present: Joe Rike (UT Mobile Stroke Unit)

  • Motion by Shannon Seaton – 2nd by Joyce Noles to accept the August 2016 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

Financial Report: financial report showing current balance of $113,334.37

  • Motion by Brad Phillips – 2nd by Stan Clark to accept the financial report, motion Passed.

Southeast Board Member: Lynn Thompson is no longer with Maury Regional Medical Center and the Southeast EMS Director’s Association has appointed Bedford County EMS Director Ted Cox as their new TASA representative.


  • Motion by Rick Valentine – 2nd by Brad Phillips to accept Ted Cox as the Southeast Region representative, motion passed.


Guest speaker: Joe Rike spoke about the UT Mobile Stroke Unit and gave an update on it’s status and success. Rike requested that TASA support the concept of reimbursement for mobile stroke treatment – aside from ambulance fees.


  • Motion by Tommy Crowder – 2nd by Ricky Slack to provide a letter of support to UT Mobile Stroke team, motion passed.


State EMS: No representatives

NAEMT: Reminder of upcoming EMS World Expo in New Orleans.

Committee Reports:

Reimbursement: Tommy Crowder reports approximately 130 attendees for the Reimbursement Conference.

Mid-Winter: Joyce Noles reports she is close to having all speakers confirmed.

Legislative: Keith Douglas provided an update on the medicaid reimbursement project – still waiting on official numbers from TnCare.


  • Motion by Shannon Seaton – 2nd by Ted Cox to continue sending board members to D.C. outside the normal NAEMT EMS on the Hill Day.


Other business:

  • Discussion about the proposed ambulance committee’s recommendation to revise the ambulance service classifications – not ready for board review yet.

Adjourned at 3:48 pm