TASA Committees 2017-18


Keith Douglas – Chair

Brad Phillips

Glen Mooney

  • Sub-Committee – 1 Representative from each of the Regions who is a TASA Member, however is not on the TASA Board.


Wallace Elliott – Chair

Tim Booher

Shannon Seaton


Ted Cox – Chair

Greg Miller

Ricky Slack

Mid-Winter Conference:

Shannon Seaton – Chair

Brad Phillips

Greg Miller

  • Subcommittee: Awards and Banquet:

Lis Henley – Chair

Stan Clark

Wallace Elliott

Reimbursement Conference:

Ricky Slack – Chair

Tim Booher

Stan Clark

Vendor Representative (both conferences):

Ted Cox – Chair


Note: Committee appointments must be within 60 days of the annual meeting each year. NAEMT appointment requires annual paperwork submitted to NAEMT.