January 2017

Board of Directors Minutes

Ryan’s Restaurant Lebanon, TN

January 5, 2017

President Reed called the meeting to order at 10:35 Board Member attendance:

1 Andrew Reed ­ President present 8 Ted Cox ­ South Central Region present
2 Joyce Noles ­ Vice­President present 9 Tim Booher ­ Upper Cumberland present
3 Keith Douglas ­ Secretary present 10 Shannon Seaton ­ West Grand Div present
4 Rick Valentine ­ Treasurer present 11 Ricky Slack ­ Middle Grand Div absent
5 Andrew Hart ­ West Region present 12 Tommy Crowder ­ East Grand Div present
6 Wallace Elliott ­ Upper East Region present 13 Stan Clark ­ Southeastern Region present
7 Brad Phillips ­ Region II present 14 Lis Henley ­ Middle Region present

Others Present: Brent Dyer (Sumner County EMS), Martha Kendall (Blue  Shield)


  • Motion by Brad Phillips – 2nd by Ted Cox to accept the December 2016 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

Financial Report: Rick Valentine reported balance of  $108,351.00


  • Motion by Andrew Hart – 2nd by Stan Clark to accept the December 2016 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

State EMS: No representatives General Discussion:

    • new survey to be sent out for degree paramedic


  • EMS personnel state­wide report showing decline in licensed personnel

    Committee Reports:

Reimbursement: no changes

Mid­Winter: finalizing agenda ­ everything else on schedule


  • Update provided by Reed on the renewed lobbyist contract
  • Douglas provided update on Medicaid reimbursement project. Reminded members to encourage regions to submit their surveys

Other business:

  • Seaton reported problem with MCO’ denying pre­authorized claims ­ delaying processing and forcing timely filing.
  • Discussion about new rule that will allow EMT­B/IV to work on ALS ambulances. Rule is being reviewed by OGC
  • Crowder discussed issue with UHC dual enrolled transports no longer being covered by medicare ­ TnCare rates will now be applied.

New business:

  • Brent Dyer (Deputy Chief ­ Sumner County EMS) offered suggestion that TASA sponsor/assist in developing an on­line “hot topic” catalog to be used by TASA member services at no charge. Board was supportive of the idea and encouraged Dyer to bring more details back to the next  meeting.

Adjourned at 12:06 pm