September 2008

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

September 4, 2008

Lebanon TN Ponderosa Restaurant

President McQuary called the meeting to order at 11:10 am. Board members present were: Doug McQuary, Mike Shankle, J. Fitzsimmons, Chuck Latimer, Derek Merritt, Tommy Crowder, JR Gore, Liz Henley, Ken Wilkerson, Brandon Ward, Larry Billingsley, Lis Henley, and Paul Anderson. There were also several other TASA member services present.

Legislative Committee reported first. Shankle and Ward reported what has happened from the August 19th hearing at the TennCare. Shankle and Brandon met with Representative Jimmy Naifeh this morning. The Finance Commissioner Goetz buried this in another document, which appears how it was approved. Under the public necessity law, this will have to go under government operations committee before December 13th. Mike reported people that we need to speak to which included all the members of the Government Operations Committee. The issue to these legislators should be about quality of care not dollars. It needs to be related to them that the equipment and level of care that they can get or not get if these dollars are taken away. The state had to match 4 million; the feds would match 8 million. The state chose to “throw this 8 million away”.

The flyers have been sent out for the Reimbursement Conference on October 7th and 8th. Rooms must be reserved by September 19th, 2008 by 15:00 CST. TASA has approximately 100 rooms blocked off.

Mike advised if anyone had any legislative ideas to please notify him so that he and Brandon can discuss this with our lobbyist.

T. Crowder reported on the TCRS issue that we discussed with the legislature on “EMS Day on the Hill”. This bill has been sent to summer study. Tommy has gathered information on other states that include EMS workers in their consolidated retirement system.

Reading of the August meeting minutes were read and approved. Motion was made to approve by Derek Merritt, seconded by J. Fitzsimmons.

Treasurer Billingsley reported that we have a balance of $20,640.57 up from last month due to dues and conference fees. Motion to approve made by Ken Wilkerson seconded by J. Fitzsimmons. All were in favor.

Rhonda Phillippi from CoPEC gave an update on performance measures, and explained the results of the CoPEC audit/survey completed by TN EMS directors in February.

Rhonda also reported that the Update in acute and Emergency Care Pediatrics Conference will be November 7th and 8th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Nashville. Brochures were passed out for this conference and the fundraiser for the night before as well.

Mrs. Phllippi also asked for everyone’s help with a “Star of Life” banquet which will be held on May 20th in Nashville. Awards will be given to each region’s EMS agencies best lifesaving call.

President McQuary reported that the legislative committee had called in from their meeting with our lobbyist and she had reported that the Public Necessity hearing concerning the Medicaid Crossover will be September 17th at 13:30 at Legislative Plaza. The exact location has not been set.

MTEMS Directors conference will be during EMS week in May of 2009.

SEEMSDA conference is April 2-3rd at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

TransMed has been sold by Michael Bonner. John reported that since this sale, Chad Graham will be the new Region 6 Representative. John Fitzsimmons made a motion that TASA officially accept Chad Graham from Bedford County EMS to the TASA Board, this was seconded by Chuck Latimer, all voted in favor.

John Fitzsimmons reported on the Annual Awards. The crystal has greatly increased in price. The deadline for submission of the awards is January 16th, 2008.

Mr. Fitzsimmons also gave a report on the NAEMT. John gave an address on the NAEMT to help with addressing nationwide EMS issues. He also gave information on joining the NAEMT and information on the NAEMT elections.

Chuck Latimer asked President McQuary to look into appointing a committee to examine the possibility of an Executive Director for TASA and the possibility of allowing individuals to join TASA. Ken Wilkerson made a motion to allow Derek Merritt to put together a questionnaire to hand out at the Reimbursement Conference to gather interest for these two possibilities. This was seconded by Lis Henley, and was approved.

The next meeting date was discussed and it will be held during the Reimbursement Conference. The exact date will be given by the President later.

Motion to adjourn at 14:06.