June 2015

Board of Directors Minutes

Ryan’s Restaurant

Lebanon, TN

June 4, 2015

President Reed called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. 

Board Members present:  Andrew Reed, Keith Douglas, Joyce Noles, Wallace Elliott, John Fitzsimmons, Doug McQuary, Andrew Hart, Ricky Slack, Tommy Crowder, Lis Henley (via teleconference)

Board Members absent:  Rick Valentine, Shannon Seaton, Stan Clark, Danny Houseright

Others Present:  Kevin Gavagan (Armed Forces Benefit Assoc.), Eddie Burgess (TEMA), Phillip Sanderson & Martha Kendall (AMR)

  •  Motion by Joyce Noles – 2nd by Ricky Slack to accept the May 2015 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

Presentation by:  Kevin Gavagan of the Armed Forces Benefit Association

Mr. Gavagan reviewed the available benefits for all first responders and asked TASA to assist in getting this information out to other agencies. Summary of benefits:

  1. 1st Responders (LAW/FIRE/911/EMS/AIR) now annually receive a no-cost $5,000 thank-you policy.
  2. Also to keep the 9/11 insurance tragedy from repeating, Eberhart and the Board have granted 1st Responders access to zero-exclusion Military coverage (NO med exams/records).

Monthly Reports

Financial Report:

Rick Valentine emailed financial report showing current balance of $77,428.69

  • Motion made by Andrew Hart – 2nd by Joyce Noles to accept the financial report, motion Passed.

 Community Paramedic Meeting update: Plans are to establish a pilot program within the State

 NAEMT – John Fitzsimmons reported that their most recent conference call covered community paramedic and the early retirement project that TASA is pursuing. (See attached NAEMT Pulse)

Committee Reports


Ricky Slack discussed that the conference agenda was being put together and on track.


Keith Douglas discussed the status of the EMS Field Bill and requested everyone to send a letter to their representatives in Washington to gain support for this bill (H.R. 2366).

Additional discussion about the status of TASA’s early early retirement bill. Bill (H.R. 1440) has been introduced in the House Education and the Workforce Committee. Keith advised of the importance of getting additional support from EMS and Fire Associations and additional meetings in D.C. with representatives.

Motion by John Fitzsimmons – 2nd by Andrew Hart to send 4 TASA representatives to D.C. to lobby for the retirement project. Roll call vote was unanimous

Audit/Budget: No report.

Bylaws: No report.

Old Business :

Tax Exempt Status – Lis Henley reported that she was still in talks with MTEMSDA and the attorney that they used. She advised that it would require by-law changes.

New Business:

John Fitzsimmons asked board members to get the word out for EMS personnel to join NAEMT. Very inexpensive with lots of benefits ($30/year).

John also shared a “Thank you” from the family of Jimmy Studdard for the floral arrangement.

Joyce Noles to check on status of conference “give-aways” and report back.

Keith Douglas provided a letter from the Tennessee State Fair requesting that TASA become a supporter of the 9/11 Never Forget Exhibit during the Opening Ceremony and Celebration (see attached).

  • Motion by Ricky Slack – 2nd by Doug McQuary to pay $250.00 donation to the 9/11 Never Forget exhibit at the TN State Fair. Roll call vote was unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 11:35

NAEMT Pulse June 2015

9/11 Never Forget – Flyer

TN State Fair Sponsorship Letter 2015