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Administrator of the Year 2006 – Mike McCoy

Administrator of the Year 2006

Mike McCoy

2006 TASA Administrator of the Year

This individual started his career as an EMT in 1974. He has been a Paramedic since 1985. He has held various positions throughout the years, in fact he briefly left EMS to work for the Knoxville News, but quickly realized his true calling was EMS. He joined his current team in a leadership role in 1995. He accepted this role knowing that this was a small agency with limited funds. He has served as chief Paramedic and Captain for more then 10 years for this team. He joined the team knowing that he would need to combine supervision and leadership while working daily as a Paramedic. He has consistently demonstrated his competency but most importantly he has earned the respect of his co-workers and supervisors, by the stellar way in which he consistently demonstrates compassion and empathy.

As a teacher, he is described as not only knowing what he is doing, but when the rubber meets the road; he can get the job done. He also brings into the classroom other attributes that are valuable to the EMS profession, professionalism; ethics and a caring attitude are just a few of his fine qualities.

He earned the 100% endorsement of his team for this award. His teams comment that “along with being a great Paramedic, he is also a great friend. He gives 100% in everything he does. Everyone who comes in contact with him thinks he is wonderful. He is fair and treats everyone the same. He demonstrates compassion toward his patients regardless of age or social status. He is always willing to jump up and go. He is known to be tough but a fair supervisor and is appreciated by the employees on his shift."

He participated in Committee work to assist his county in obtaining a 300K community development grant.

He remains calm under the most trying of circumstances and gives his patients excellent care and reassurance. His is the epitome of grace under fire. Two calls with in the last year emulate his qualities; the first involved a head on collision with a Mother dead at the scene and two children. He was able to assume EMS command, while calming one of the children and using his skills to assess the child’s injuries. The father of the children, a Pediatrician himself wrote a letter of support and thanks to him for his work.

The other call is one of those we all dread, “shots fired, officer down.” He responded immediately and again wore two hats, as EMS command and oversight of ACLS protocols initiation for this officer. Those on the scene reported that he gave 100% just as he always does.

In 2005 the local county commission honored him as the County’s 2005 Paramedic of the year for his commitment to excellent patient care, while being a dedicated and respected employee. He is descried as not only an Excellent EMS leader, but a loving husband, father, son, brother, Cub Scout master, and a winning derby champion.

This individual is described as the “idol for his team and has their 100% support”. It is therefore my privilege to introduce the 2006 TASA administrator of the Year, Mike McCoy.