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Urgent – Cot Restraint Change Survey


This survey relates to the new cot restraint system change issued by “Change #8” of the KKK Ambulance Specifications. In order for the EMS Board to receive permission to issue approval for an emergency rule-making hearing, the State EMS office must receive data that shows not only financial impacts but “life-safety” issues such as having to use less safer/dependable ambulances instead of purchasing newer ambulances because of this change.

From the TN Office of EMS:

Recently the Office of EMS was made aware the increase cost to meet the recent July 1, 2015 “Change 8” in Triple K ambulance manufacturing requirement might be causing problems for those who had budget approvals for fiscal year 2015-16 to purchase new units. We are attempting to see if we can gather enough data to allow us to ask for an emergency rule to allow for this fiscal year the purchase without “Change 8”. Please answer the following questions and provide the supporting document requested no later than October 2nd, 2015. We need responses from Primary 911 services only at this time.