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TASA takes position on recent KKK Specifications change

cot restraint

On July 1, 2015 the GSA Federal Supply Services adopted change #8 for KKK-A-1872F for ambulances. This change requires litter (cot) fasteners to be manufactured and installed based on SAE J3027. The current interpretation is that the antler style litter fasteners do not meet the SAE J3027 standard. However, at this time TASA has not been able to confirm the exact language of SAE J3027 except for the crash test results.

At the August TASA Board meeting this change was discussed in depth. All TASA Board members are in favor of improved cot retention systems for the safety of our personnel and the patients we transport. However, due to the unanswered questions, short notification and expected tremendous costs increase for new ambulances, TASA feels the implementation of this change should be suspended until July 2016. The following reflects TASA position and request of the TN EMS Board.

Although TASA supports the concept of change #8 of the GSA KKK-A-1872F, TASA hereby requests that the TN Board of Emergency Medical Services suspend enforcement of KKK change #8 regarding cot restraint systems for at least 12 months to allow EMS services to research options and prepare financially for what could be substantial costs and logistic changes.