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TASA EMS Day on the Hill – Nashville

“EMS Day on the Hill” March 15, 2017 – Time: 7:30am CST at Legislative Plaza Nashville, TN

As an industry we face many difficult challenges. This year we will be focusing on the Medicaid Reimbursement Bill (SB 0704 – HB 0879). This bill will allow for increased Medicaid (TnCare) Reimbursement while providers cover the cost of the state matching funds.

The Tennessee Ambulance Service Association invites and encourages you to attend EMS Day on the Hill in Nashville. The date is March 15, 2017. For those traveling to Nashville on the 14th we will have a briefing at 6pm CST at at the DoubleTree Hotel in Nashville, TN. On the morning of the 15th we will gather in the common area at the top of the escalators on the main floor of the Legislative plaza at 7:30am to update those that did not attend the briefing. Please wear your dress uniform if you have one or appropriate attire representative of your agency on the 15th.

You should schedule your own meetings with your State Representative and State Senator, their contact information can be found here: The Lobbyist will schedule meetings between the Legislative leadership and the TASA Board. Board member meeting assignments will be distributed the night of the 14th.

We will have bill information and talking points to hand out to the membership at the mid-winter conference. We will also email this information out again prior to our day on the hill. If you would like for a TASA board member to go with you to discuss these issues during your meeting with your representative – just ask. If you need additional information or assistance please contact Tim Booher at or Keith Douglas

SB0704 – Ground Ambulance Service Provider Assessment Act

Sample Resolution for Government Entities – Ambulance Assessment v02122017

Enhanced Medicaid Reimbursement Program

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