September 2014


Board of Directors Minutes

Holiday Inn

Johnson City, TN – September 10, 2014

President Reed called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m. 

Board Members present: Andrew Reed, Keith Douglas, Rick Valentine,Stan Clark, Joyce Noles, Ricky Slack, Wallace Elliott ,John Fitzsimmons, Lis Henley, Andrew Hart, Doug McQuary, Tommy Crowder, Danny Houseright

Board Members absent: None

Others Present:  Nathan Sweet (Anderson County), Anita Perry (Phi/Wellmont One) Jim Perry (Sullivan County), Stanley Arnold (Church Hill EMS), Andrew Bowers (Hancock County),Brad Gerfin(WC/JCEMS), Dan  Wheeley(WC/JCEMS), Danny Fleming (Maury Regional EMS)

Motion by Andrew Hart–2nd by Lis Henley to accept the August 7, 2014 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

Presentations and Monthly Reports:

Financial Report:

Rick Valentine–financial report showing current balance of $52,645.78.

Motion made by Danny Houseright –2nd by Joyce Noles to accept the financial report, motion Passed.

 NAEMT–John Fitzsimmons reports the annual NAEMT meeting will be held at the World EMS Expo Nov.9-12, 2014. General membership meeting will be Nov.10 that 5:30 pm in room 102 AB.President Reed to appoint a TASA Board member to the Advocacy position.

EMSWorld Expo –Tommy Crowder reports that Challenge Coins for TASA Night in Nashville need to be purchased.

Motion made by John Fitzsimmons –2nd by Andrew Hart to purchase 1500 coins (@ $4 each). Roll call vote =8 Yea/ 4 Nay. Motion passed. 

Voting Yea Voting Nay
Lis Henley Joyce Noles Ricky Slack
John Fitzsimmons WallaceElliot DougMcQuary
Danny Houseright Stan Clark Rick Valentine
Tommy Crowder Andrew Hart KeithDouglas

Motion by Ricky Slack–2nd by Danny Houseright for Tommy Crowder to get sponsorship to completely cover special items for purchase at the Tequila Cowboy during TASA Night in Nashville. Proceeds to be donated to the Wounded Warrior project. Motion passed.

Ricky Slack reports registrations are coming in and advised everyone that interested persons should make their hotel reservations before 8am on September 16. After this deadline the hotel will be releasing the blocked rooms for the general public.Committee Reports


TCRS 25 year retirement – Keith Douglas reports that meetings have been scheduled with Senators Alexander and Corker along with Congressmen Black,Blackburn,Roe, Fleischmann and DesJarlais to discuss revising the age discrimination limitations that restrict early retirement for EMT’s. In addition they will be discussing the need for CMS to fund the “Treat/No Transport” HCPCS.

Lobbyist–discussion regarding meeting with our lobbyist to express our expectations and previous issues. Keith Douglas reported that the lobbyist has confirmed attendance at the October board meeting during the Reimbursement Conference.

Membership: List of current paid memberships were presented.

Motion by Ricky Slack–2nd by Danny Houseright to approve the list of paid memberships. Motion passed.

Audit/Budget: No report.

Bylaws: No report.

Mid-Winter: Joyce Noles provided a list of suggestions that had been received about the upcoming Mid-Winter Conference which included requests for topics on Human Resources, Leadership, Legal and managing supervisors.

Old Business: none

New Business: none


Next month’s board meeting will be held in Nashville, TN on October 8th in conjunction with the Reimbursement Conference.

 Meeting adjourned at 11:40 am


August 15 2014 NAEMT Pulse