September 2013


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 5, 2013

President Graham called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

Board Members in attendance: Chad Graham, Andrew Reed, Keith Douglas, Rick Valentine, Brandon Ward, Joe Rike, Doug McQuary, Tommy Crowder, John Combes, Ricky Slack, John Fitzsimmons,  and Lis Henley
Board Members not in attendance: Danny Houseright , Wallace Elliot, Joyce Noles
Other present: Allen Lovett (Williamson County EMS), Glynn Mooney (AirEvac), Mark Pierce (AirEvac), Andrew Hall? (Memphis Fire), Joe Sweat (Lifegaurd Ambulance), Jon Guthrie (AirEvac), Lynn Thompson (Maury Regional EMS), Danny Fleming (Maury Regional EMS), Jason Griggs (Maury Regional EMS)

Previous meeting minutes: Minutes of the June meeting were approved. Minutes of the August meeting were approved.

President’s Report: President Graham reported on TN Advisory Report which mentioned essential service data for fire services. Details distributed to the group.

Treasurer’s Report: approved

NAEMT: no report

Mid-Winter Conference: Lis Henley requested a dollar amount from the board to be allowed for speakers with possible sponsors. 2 key speakers being reviewed at this time.

Motion by Ricky Slack – 2nd byJoe Rike to set the budget for speakers at $7500. Motion passed

Legislative: no report

Lynn Thompson offered discussion about the status of EMS Board assignment/selection process. Basically it was made known that if this hit Legislative, things could be worse (i.e. no EMS Board at all).

Audit/Budget: no report

Bylaws: Bylaw change regarding membership still being worked on. Anticipate board action in November or December.

EMS Expo: In Vegas this year and will be coming to Nashville in 2014. They have currently booked more vendors for Nashville than Vegas. TASA will be assisting EMS World with the 2014 Expo.

Recess at 11:08 for lunch (provided by First Call Ambulance)
Meeting resumed at 11:50

Old Business: Motion by Tommy Crowder – 2nd by Brandon Ward to coordinate with Allen Lovett and Legislative Committee on the essential service issue. Motion passed.

John Combes offered discussion of legislative issues brought by his region. The following are the top 3 items from Region 3 for legislative priority:

1. TCRS for EMS – 25 year retirement
2. Grants for EMS (ambulances)
3. Ambulance reimbursement rates

Motion by Tommy Crowder – 2nd by Lis Henley to defer decision on retaining lobbyist until October Board meeting. Roll call vote was unanimous.

Motion by Rickey Slack – 2nd by Tommy Crowder to defer the contract with the Park Vista until October in order to clarify details.

President Graham offered discussion of proposed TASA infrastructure upgrades (taken under advisement):
1. Equipment trailer
2. Sound system upgrade
3. Incorporation
4. 2 projectors
5. TASA backdrop
6. TASA booth setup
7. Update banners to reflect new logo
8. Capwiz (legislation) program
9. Website upgrades
10. Rainy day fund

Motion by Brandon Ward – 2nd by Lis Henley to approve the current list of paid memberships as presented.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45