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Recover Loss of Use for fleet downtime, at no cost to you.

ACM, a Savvik Partner, has asked us to share this information with TN EMS services. A portion of ACM’s recovery will go back TASA to serve you better.

Your fleet is critical to the communities you serve. That’s why ACM is here to help you recover the maximum amount when one of your vehicles is damaged by another party, while getting you back on the road faster.

We can recover Loss of Use for fleet downtime, at no cost to you. ACM has a dedicated team with in-depth knowledge of specialty vehicles ready to fight for you. We will also pursue Diminution of Value, which is the loss of market value to your fleet vehicle.

Strength in numbers. 220,000+ claims settled, over $70 million recovered annually for our clients, 25 years’ experience negotiating with insurance companies.

When liability is in question, ACM will pursue multiple avenues to find sufficient evidence to support your claim, sometimes overturning liability decisions made by insurance or initial police reports. Legal resources can be obtained on your behalf when necessary for dispute resolution.

Eligible Fleet Vehicles Include: Fire engines, police cars, ambulances, public works, utilities, solid waste, buses, street sweepers, vehicles used by planning staff and more.

These reimbursement proceeds are legitimately owed taxpayer dollars that your citizens deserve. Visit ACM at