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Update: Emergency Rule Hearing Nov. 24

The TN EMS Board has scheduled an emergency rule making hearing (electronic) for Nov. 24th at 10 am to address the current cot restraint change issue. This hearing will be live streamed

Link to Live Video Stream –

Board members will address the issue of change #8 of the KKK-A-1822F that was issued July 1, 2015 that affects the cot restraint systems for ambulances. On November 30th the Ambulance Committee would develop wording for a new rule and forward to the Board that would replace the old rule. This new rule would require the standard promulgation process that would be expected to be placed into effect between July 1 and November 2016.

Sunshine Notice for the Electronic Emergency Medical Service Board 11-24-2015

The following is a POSSIBLE timeline provided the new rule is approved by the AG’s office:

  • Rule signed in January would allow 180 day waiver on change #8
    • the waiver would be effective for ambulances with a manufacture date within the 180 days
  • New rule promulgated between July 1, 2016 and November 2016

Electronic Emergency Medical Services Board

November 24th, 2015 (10 am CST)

Iris Room

665 Mainstream Drive

Nashville TN 37243