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Paramedic of the Year 2006 – J C Green

Medic of the Year 2006


J C Green

2006 TASA EMT-P of the year

TASA’s 2006 Paramedic of the year is actually a new Graduate as a Paramedic. However, his course of this last year is what has nominated him to be the Paramedic of the year. As EMS finds ourselves as an aging group with increasing needs to plan for the future of EMS, this individual exemplifies himself as the role model for the expectations and desired outcomes for those within EMS. During his second semester of Paramedic school this EMT was working beside his father, who was involved in a roll over bobcat incident. It was due to the immediate intervention and the treatment provided by this individual, and his expeditious launching of AirMedical transport that allowed his father to be assessed and transported. This individual then was able to step back and allow care to be provided by his peers. His father’s injuries include eviscerated bowel, head injuries, liver, spleen injuries, pneumothorax. His father subsequently sustained Cardiac Arrest and necrotizing facitis. But it was only through the prompt recognition of the acuity of this father’s injuries that allowed him to be quickly transported to definitive care that ultimately lead to his discharge six months later to rehab.

In addition to this tragedy this individual also supported his mother who suffered a cardiac event and buried his grandfather, while building a house for himself and his wife. In addition to all the tragedy he personally faced he was able to successfully pass his National registry.

It is therefore the future of EMS that we all need to be concerned about, This individual exemplifies rising above hard times and challenge, while still successfully succeeding in his professional growth and that is why JC Green was chosen as TASA’s 2006 Paramedic of the year.