October 2013


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2013

Location: Inn at Opryland, Nashville, TN (Reimbursement Conference)

President Graham called the meeting to order at 12:25 p.m.

Board Members in attendance: Chad Graham, Keith Douglas, Rick Valentine, Brandon Ward, Joe Rike, Doug McQuary, Tommy Crowder, Ricky Slack, John Fitzsimmons, Danny Houseright , Wallace Elliot and Lis Henley

Board Members not in attendance: Andrew Reed, John Combes and Joyce Noles

Other present: none

Previous meeting minutes: Minutes of the September meeting were approved.

President’s Report: President Graham reported on a letter requesting support from the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks.

Motion by Ricky Slack – second by John Fitzsimmons for TASA to support the effort by the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: approved

NAEMT: John Fitzsimmons reported on the EMS Field Act and AAC meeting in Vegas at the EMS World Expo. John advised the meeting was very lengthy.

Mid-Winter Conference: Lis Henley reported that the committee is progressing forward

Motion by John Fitzsimmons  – 2nd by Keith Douglas for President Graham to send a letter of appreciation to the management at the Inn at Opryland. The hotel had earlier recognized TASA for holding the fall conference at the hotel for 15 consecutive years. Motion passed.

Legislative: no report

Audit/Budget: no report

Bylaws: no report

Old Business: Discussion of the pros-cons of continuing to retain the current lobbyist for the 2014 calendar year. Each region reported as to their region’s thoughts on the issue. The majority of each region seemed to be in favor of continuing with the current lobbyist.

Motion by Brandon Ward – second by Doug McQuary to renew with the lobbyist for 2014 at the normal retainer fee with the stipulation that the lobbyist would attend 2 board meetings (at minimum) during 2014. Motion passed unanimously by roll call vote.

New Business: Motion by Rick Valentine – second by Brandon Ward to authorize the secretary up to $1000 for the purchase of a new lap top for the association. The current lap top will be used as a back up especially for speakers/presentations. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:04 p.m.