October 2010

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association
Minutes for October 5, 2010
Nashville, TN

After reviewing last months minutes a motion was made by Paul Anderson and second by Liz Henley to accept with correction.  Motion passed.

Financial statement showed an approximate balance of $ 77,000 with a motion made by Chuck Latimer to approve as presented seconded by Doug McQuary.  Motion passed.

Mike Shankle gave an updated on the Reimbursement conference with approximately 135 attendees.

Doug McQuary updated the board on 2011 Mid Winter conference.  Chad Graham has been working with Fitch and Assoc. to design a conference to meet the needs of Tennessee EMS directors.   The present idea is that it would start on Wednesday at noon and end on Friday at noon.  After discussion a motion was made by Paul Anderson that TASA move forward with Fitch and Associates and that Doug McQuary and Chad Graham work out the details.  This was seconded by Mike Shankle with the motion passing.
Upon discussing the possible numbers that would possibly attend a motion was made by Larry Billingsley and seconded by Mike Shankle that cap of 300 attendees be placed on the conference.  Motion passed.

Also at the 2011 Mid Winter conference it will be time for election of Middle Tennessee Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and East Tennessee Board member.  The nomination ballots will go out approximately 45 days prior to conference.  (Around Jan 1, 2011)  All nominations must be back to the Secretary by Feb 2, 2011.

Joe Phillips addressed the board thanking them for there support over the last 30 plus years.  This will be his last meeting as State EMS Director as he will be retiring on October 31, 2010.  A motion was made by John Fitzsimmons that Joe Phillips and Richard Land be recognized as honorary

members of TASA and allowed to attend all TASA functions free of charge as to registration and meals.  Motion was seconded by John Combs motion passed.

John Fitzsimmons presented a price for lapel pins for TASA of approximately $2,250 from CMS uniforms.  He made a motion that TASA purchase them with a second by Liz Henley.  Motion passed.

EMS day on the Hill in Washington is May 3-4 2011.

Meeting was adjourned with a motion by Derek Merritt and second by Brandon Ward.  Motion carried.
Mike Shankle