October 2009

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Minutes for October 6, 2009

Nashville, TN

Those attending were Doug McQuary, Mike Shankle, Larry Billingsley, John Fitzsimmons, Brandon Ward, Liz Henley, Dennis Rowe, Keith Douglas, Robert Byrd, Chuck Latimer, Derek Merritt, Paul Anderson, Chad Graham, and Lawrence Potter.

Guest: Matthew Hollis, Gary Kinard, representing SoutheasTrans

After reviewing last months minutes a motion was made by Chuck Latimer and second by Paul Anderson to accept as presented. Motion passed.

Financial statement showed a balance of $ 50,086.13 with a motion made by Doug McQuary to approve as presented seconded by Derek Merritt. Motion passed.

Gary Kinard and Matt Hollis with SoutheasTrans addressed the group on the clarification of how runs should be dispatched as to county of residency. It was decided that resident county should have the first choice on those patients being transferred. Matt Hollis will be the point of contact for the state of Tennessee. For audit purposes he is requesting that services send a copy of state license and copy of proof of insurance document.

Reimbursement Conference had approximately 50 medical directors and 142 attending for the billing conference.

President Dennis Rowe ask for suggestion for the mid winter conference speaker and to forward those to him. Brochures should be mailed out around the first of December. Twila will mail reminder card out in the next few weeks.

Awards committee chairman John Fitzsimmons discussed the way the website can be used for Award applications and requested that each region remind the services to submit to the program.

Meeting was adjourned with a motion by Derek Merritt and second by Larry Billingsley. Motion carried.


Mike Shankle