November 2014


Board of Directors Minutes

Music City Center (EMS World Expo)

Nashville, TN

November 12, 2014


President Reed called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m. 

Board Members present:  Andrew Reed, Keith Douglas, Rick Valentine, Stan Clark, Joyce Noles, Ricky Slack, Wallace Elliott, John Fitzsimmons, Lis Henley, Andrew Hart, Doug McQuary, Tommy Crowder (working @ booth)

Board Members absent:  Danny Houseright

Others Present:  none

Motion by Joyce Noles – 2nd by Ricky Slack to accept the October 8, 2014 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

Presentations and Monthly Reports:

Financial Report:

Rick Valentine – financial report showing current balance of $72,389.45.

Motion made by Wallace Elliott – 2nd by Joyce Noles to accept the financial report, motion Passed. 

NAEMT – John Fitzsimmons reported on the annual NAEMT meeting held at the Expo.

Committee Reports

Mid-Winter Conference

Joyce reported that they only needed 3 more speakers.

There was discussion of having the Leadership class as a pre-conference.

Liz Henley requested to be provided specifics as to when the banquet can actually start.

Discussion about creating a Hospitality Sponsorship for both annual conferences.

Motion by Ricky Slack – 2nd by Andrew Hart to create a Hospitality Sponsorship that would include the Silver Sponsorship level but at a cost of $3,000.00. Roll call vote – all members present voted Yea. Motion passed.

Reimbursement Conference

Ricky Slack reports arrangements being finalized with DoubleTree in Murfreesboro; having Doug Wolfberg; and having the Medical Director’s conference in conjunction. Room rates will be much cheaper than the inn at Opryland.


TCRS 25 year retirement – Keith Douglas reports progress is being made with Congressman DesJarlais office as they are working with the Congressional Budget Office (possible cost) and Library of Congress (wording).

Ambulance extenders H.R. 5460 – Keith Douglas reported on the request from AAA to help encourage legislative support of this bill. He has submitted a request to Congressman Black’s office requesting her to sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill. The bill would:

  1. make permanent the current Medicare ambulance add-on payments,
  2. direct CMS to collect ambulance cost data using a survey methodology
  3. change the status of ambulance suppliers to providers
  4. implement prior authorization for BLS non-emergency ambulance transports to and from a dialysis center.  While the bill has not been scored by CBO, the data analyst for the American Ambulance Association has determined the bill to be budget neutral with the prior authorization provision covering the cost of making the add-on payments permanent.

EMS Day on the Hill (D.C.) – NAEMT has announced it will be April 29, 2015

Audit/Budget: No report.

Bylaws: No report.

Old Business – President Reed reported on the purchase of a trailer for TASA to haul equipment. It was reported that the cost was $2395.00 (plus tax) which was the cheapest that could be located with a 6 ft. height. 

New Business: none 


  • Next month’s board meeting will be held in Nashville, TN on December 4th.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 am