May 2015

Board of Directors Minutes

Ryan’s Restaurant

Lebanon, TN

May 7, 2015


Vice-President Noles called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. 

Board Members present:  Joyce Noles, Keith Douglas, Rick Valentine (conf call), Tommy Crowder, Stan Clark, Wallace Elliott, John Fitzsimmons, Doug McQuary, Andrew Hart, Ricky Slack

Board Members absent:  Andrew Reed, Lis Henley, Danny Houseright, Andrew Hart

Others Present:  Jay Austin (Sumner Co EMS), Jimmie Edwards (Montgomery Co EMS), Phil Sanderson (AMR)

Motion by Ricky Slack – 2nd by John Fitzsimmons to accept the April 2015 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

Financial Report:

Rick Valentine – financial report showing current balance of $78,229.19. He noted that the cost for EMS on Hill Day in Washington was $7,118.00.

Motion made by Stan Clark – 2nd by Doug McQuary to accept the financial report, motion Passed. 

Reimbursement Conference:

Ricky Slack reminded everyone that the conference is scheduled for Sept. 2 & 3 with the Medical Director’s Conference on Friday Sept. 4. Day #1 of the conference begins at noon and the 2nd day will be a full day.

Community Paramedic

Jimmie Edwards (Montgomery County) is a member of the State’s Community Paramedic Committee and reported on the status of the State’s proposed community paramedic curriculum. In addition, Edwards reviewed the proposed curriculum.

Edwards advised that the committee had voted to forward the proposed curriculum to the State EMS Board for rule-making hearing in June. However, it had come to his attention within the last few days that the deadline to advertise the rule-making hearing had passed and therefore there will not be a rule-making hearing.

Edwards also reported that it has come to the committee’s attention that the curriculum is only available to educational institutions. This was not what was understood by the committee when they voted in favor of adopting the curriculum.

Motion by Tommy Crowder – 2nd by Ricky Slack to issue a letter to the State EMS Board with the following statement:

TASA supports the proposed Community Paramedic curriculum and program, however we do not support the restrictions on the distribution of the curriculum – specifically only to educational institutions.”

Motion passed.

Discussion about TASA taking the lead on providing education on MIH implementation to services across the state. Vice-President Noles suggested trying to come up with ideas such as having regional seminars to reduce travel costs.

Old Business:

Motion by Fitzsimmons – 2nd by Seaton for TASA to join AAA as an associate member (cost $510.00). Roll all vote was taken and motion passed with 7 “yes” and 1 “no”

                *Valentine had left the meeting prior to this motion


Voting Yes Voting No
Wallace Elliott Tommy Crowder
John Fitzsimmons
Keith Douglas
Stan Clark
Doug McQuary
Shannon Seaton
Ricky Slack


New Business:  None


  • John Fitzsimmons informed that paramedic Gary Smotherman from Bedford County EMS was involved in a motorcycle crash and was in very critical condition. Suggestion was made to send cards from area services.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05

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