May 2013


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2013

Meeting was held at Monell’s in recognition of TASA’s 40 years.

President Graham called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m.

Board Members in attendance: Chad Graham, Andrew Reed, Keith Douglas, Rick Valentine, Brandon Ward, Doug McQuary, Danny Houseright, Ricky Slack, Wallace Elliot, John Fitzsimmons, Joyce Noles, Lis Henley

Board Members not in attendance: Derek Merritt and John Combes

Previous meeting minutes: Motion by Andrew Reed, seconded by Lis Henley to approve the minutes from April 2013.

President Graham discussed:

“CrowdCall” application that is a free app used for conference calling

need for provide email addresses of members within each region to improve communication

requesting input for next year’s legislative session – please send ideas to VP Andrew Reed at

Financial – Treasurer Rick Valentine provided the financial report. Motion by Reed, second by McQuary to approve the financial report. Motion approved

Tommy Crowder discussed the recent resolution by the House/Senate recognizing EMS Week.

Recognition of TASA’s 40th Anniversary:

John Fitzsimmons spoke about the history of TASA and the fact that the first TASA meeting was held in May 1973. He then recognized founding members in attendance.

Those founding members are: Bob Thomas (1st TASA President), Jimmy Studdard, Pete George and John Bond. Each was presented with a momentum as they offered their appreciation.

Board members expressed to John Fitzsimmons that TASA should assist with the cost of 40th Anniversary luncheon, which was approved by the President and Treasurer.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.