March 2017

Board of Directors Minutes

DoubleTree Hotel

Nashville, TN

March 14, 2017

President Noles called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm CST

Board Member attendance:

1 Joyce Noles – President present 8 Ted Cox – South Central Region present
2 Keith Douglas – VP/Secretary present 9 Tim Booher – Upper Cumberland absent
3 Andrew Reed – Past President present 10 Shannon Seaton – West Grand Div present
4 Rick Valentine – Treasurer absent 11 Ricky Slack – Middle Grand Div present
5 Andrew Hart – West Region absent 12 Greg Miller – East Grand Div absent
6 Wallace Elliott – Upper East Region present 13 Stan Clark – Southeastern Region present
7 Brad Phillips – Region II present 14 Lis Henley – Middle Region absent


Others in attendance:


  • Brandon Alley & Jim Perry – Sullivan Co EMS
  • Sam Clark & Jay Austin – Sumner County EMS
  • Danny McCreary & Nathan Sweet – Anderson Co EMS
  • Kevin Rainbolt – First Call EMS
  • Liz Reeves, John Krantz & Kevin Nooner – Vanderbilt LifeFlight
  • Danny Houseright – Morristown-Hamblen EMS
  • Martha Kendall – Blue Shield EMS
  • Brett Young – Bedford County EMS
  • Blake Lindsey – Decatur County EMS




  • Motion by Seaton – 2nd by Cox to accept the February 2017 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.


Financial Report: reported balance of $106,382.15 which represents all costs for Mid-Winter Conference except a few incidentals that are outstanding – waiting on invoices.

  • Motion by Seaton – 2nd by Phillips to accept the March treasurer report, motion Passed.

State EMS: No representatives

NAEMT: Discussion of upcoming NAEMT EMS on the Hill Day in D.C. Reminder that individuals need to register with NAEMT in order to be scheduled for their respective legislators. Anyone wishing to stay at the Washington Plaza should do so before March 22nd in order to receive the discounted rate.

Committee Reports:

Reimbursement: Ricky Slack has been asked to take over the conference in place of Tommy Crowder.

Mid-Winter: Joyce Noles reports that everything is moving forward – work assignments and dress code to be sent out shortly

Legislative: Caroline Straight with McMahon-Winstead was present to discuss status of Medicaid legislation. Straight along with Douglas offered talking points and ideas for those attending EMS Day on the Hill.

Old business: Stan Clark displayed the plaques that were purchased for legislators.

New business:


  • Keith Douglas resigned as Secretary. Discussion by board members about the process of filling this position. Noles reported that nominations will be accepted and a vote taken at the next board meeting.


Adjourned at 6:45 pm