March 2012

TASA Meeting Minutes
March 1st, 2012

The meeting was held at the Vanderbilt University Police Department at VU in Nashville.  President Ward called the meeting to order at 10:08 am CST.  Board members present were: Brandon Ward, Chad Graham, Dennis Rowe, Chuck Latimer, Larry Billingsley, Scott Storey, Roger Paul, Derek Merritt, John Fitzsimmons, John Combes, Lis Henley.  Members present were:  Keith Douglas, Joe Rike, Lynn Thompson, Jon Guthrie, Shannon Seaton, David Williams, Jeff Davis, Mike Shankle.

President Ward graciously thanks Vanderbilt for our use of the meeting place on short notice and for providing food for the group.  Kathy Novak from VU welcomed everyone.

Minutes from January and February 2012 board meetings were read.  Motion to approve by D. Rowe seconded by D. Merritt, all approved.  Treasurer’s report by Larry Billingsley read with a balance of $12,680.53 currently.  We still have outstanding bills to Fitch and give away items from the mid-winter conference.  The hotel bill for the Washington D.C. trip for 2012 is outstanding as well. President Ward advised everyone to watch spending very closely.  Motion to approve by D. Rowe seconded by Lis Henley and approved.

The Mid Winter conference committee report was given by Chad Graham and other members of that committee.  The hotel expense was $5,000 less than it was in 2011.  The reviews were reported.  They were mixed, most people liked having the banquet on Wednesday and how the conference was setup, but they did not enjoy the dynamics of the speakers.  President Ward appointed the same conference committee for 2012-13 as last year due to their sufficiency.  The information and slides from the conference are now posted on the website.  Each regional representative was encouraged by President Ward to have members sign up for the TASA updates on the website so that we can share information and update them on the Boards actions.

Reimbursement Conference update was given by Mike Shankle.  Mike stated that they are looking into the certified ambulance coder.  The problem at this point is the cost.  It may be possible or necessary to do this separate from the billing conference.

The legislative report was given by Mike Shankle and Brandon Ward.  There were numerous discussions on the legislative report of issues concerning EMS.  Some of the most in depth discussion was concerning “Jaclyn’s Law”, which is HB 2215.  This would allow EMS personnel to make forcible entry without being held liable, provided certain stipulations have been met.  HB 2858 the “Forcible blood draw law” was discussed in detail.  All agreed that EMS may draw the blood, but the forcible detainment should be left up to law enforcement.  There are still EMS’ in TN being subpoenaed to testify in court.  HB 397 the “mental facility transport” was discussed and how it affects EMS.

John Combes discussed why we still cannot add EMS personnel to the 25 year TN Consolidated Retirement System.  Currently Police and Fire and eligible, but EMS is excluded.  Lis Henley brought up HB 2857/SB 2658 the “Violence Against Healthcare Workers” bill.  The TNA is behind this and asked TASA to get behind it as well.  There was a motion by John Fitzsimmons for TASA President to draft a letter of support for this bill and send it to representatives.  It was seconded by D. Merritt.  All voted in favor.  Lis will notify the Board on where to send the letter.

Chief Rike of the Memphis Fire department introduced two guest speakers Larry Irving and Sean Fowler, both Lieutenants with MFD who have formed a partnership with CWH Research.  CWH train management in police, fire, and EMS.  They would like to allow CWH to put together a proposal for a module or the entire program at the Mid Winter conference.

Paul Anderson is retiring so we will need a Rep from Region 1 and someone to take his place on the Mid Winter conference committee as well.  Lis Henley volunteered and was quickly appointed by President Ward.

Old Business:  EMS Day on the Hill was not well attended mostly due to short notice.  Board members asked the legislative committee to give as much notice as possible.  Mike Shankle and President Ward explained the process in detail of requesting a day on the hill.  Often groups are not given much notice and TASA does not need to have ours on a day where very large groups are having theirs.  They will however give as much notice as possible.  At last update the TN Care 1.5% increase for EMS is still coming.   TASA has a paid open slot for the Washington trip.  Chief Rike or Lynn Thompson from the MFD agreed to go.

New Business:  The ADHOC Committee from the EMS Board concerning disciplinary action will meet for the first time next week.  The EMS Board meets March 29-30 in Nashville.  There was a tremendous amount of discussion on the new education requirements and other upcoming changes concerning a rulemaking hearing during the March 29-30 meeting.  Other EMS groups in TN have been studying this document and have great concerns.  Due to the long debate, President Ward appointed a committee to study this document and make recommendations to TASA membership.  A motion was made that President Ward draft a letter to the State EMS Board voicing the concerns of the committee and other members.  Motion made by John Fitzsimmons and seconded by Larry Billingsley.  Vote was unanimous.  That committee is Shankle, Combes, Fitzsimmons, Graham, and Latimer.

President Ward discussed the TASA Board having a meeting place in Nashville at a neutral site.  The State office would be best, but we will have to discuss this with them so that we do not end up getting moved at the last minute as we were this month.  The President announced that we will meet the 1st Thursday of each month regardless of what date it falls on.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:55.