July 2016

Board of Directors Minutes

Ryan’s Restaurant

Lebanon, TN

July 7, 2016


President Reed called the meeting to order at 10:12 am

Board Members attendance:

1 Andrew Reed present 8 Lynn Thompson present
2 Joyce Noles present 9 Tim Booher *present
3 Keith Douglas present 10 Shannon Seaton present
4 Rick Valentine present 11 Ricky Slack absent
5 Andrew Hart present 12 Tommy Crowder present
6 Wallace Elliott present 13 Stan Clark absent
7 Brad Phillips present 14 Lis Henley *present

*Denotes present via conference call

Others Present: Phil Sanderson (AMR)

  • Motion by Brad Phillips – 2nd by Andrew Hart to accept the April 2016 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

Financial Report: financial report showing current balance of $88,662

  • Motion made by Shannon Seaton – 2nd by Brad Phillips to accept the financial report, motion Passed.

State EMS: No representatives. Discussion about AEMT shortage across the state that was brought to the attention of the EMS Board at their recent meeting.The EMS Board asked Rick Valentine and Andrew Reed to gather information to possibly show a public health emergency in order to request an emergency rule-making hearing.

They will be putting a survey together to evaluate this issue.

NAEMT: Douglas reported that he attended the HOSA awards ceremony to present the EMS competition awards on behalf of NAEMT.

Committee Reports:

Reimbursement: Tommy Crowder reports that the conference has been approved for 10 CEU’s from NAAC..

Mid-Winter: Joyce Noles reports that 5 speakers have committed.

Legislative: Keith Douglas discussed information regarding the “transport assessment” fees that would enable a significant increase in Medicaid reimbursement. It was identified that TASA would need to identify “cost-per-call” average from across the state. In addition we would need to obtain total number of medicaid transports along with average reimbursement for these.

Discussion about request from lobbyist to increase our fee. Phil Sanderson, Andrew Hart and Shannon Seaton offered to reach out to their contacts to provide insight to this issue.

Other business:

  • Lynn Thomson advised GoToMeeting pricing was $39/month. Andrew Hart offered to use the City of Memphis (FD) account.

Adjourned at 11:08 am