January 2011

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association
Minutes for January 6, 2011
Lebanon, TN

After reviewing last months minutes a motion was made by John Fitzsimmons and second by John Combes to accept as presented. Motion passed.

Financial statement showed an approximate balance of $ 66,614.92 with a motion made by Paul Anderson to approve as presented seconded by Lynn Thompson. Motion passed.

Doug McQuary updated the board on 2011 Mid Winter conference. As of this date there is 160 rooms reserved, with 115 registered for the conference. Lynn Thompson discussed the CEU process with discussion as to how to make sure that the attendees are present for the classes. Discussion lead to bar-coding as participants leave the class. A motion was made by Larry Billingsley for Mike and Twila to look into the possibility of purchasing the scanners for the conference with a second by Derek Merritt. Motion passed.

John Fitzsimmons discussed the Awards program with the cut off date for the applications on the 9th of January. As of today he has received applications for all categories.

Discussion was held concerning the NFPA 1917 proposal, which would change the requirements for ambulance construction. This would increase cost considerable for EMS services. Possibility 18,000 to 50,000 dollars per unit.

Paul Trumpore with Tennessee Chaplain’s Association addressed the board as to the Fallen Firefighter Memorial at the Bell Buckle Fire Academy. He was asking and presenting to the board to see if there would be any interest on TASA’s part to invest in the memorial. A committee was made to look into the cost and to what degree if any that TASA would want to invest and report back to the board after reaching a  onclusion.

Discussion was held concerning TASA sponsoring the webinars which have a very low attendance. After discussion a motion was made by Paul Anderson to suspend the webinars being sponsored by TASA with a second by Chad Graham. Motion passed.

State EMS Director Donna Tidwell updated the board on the new personnel in the state office.

Meeting was adjourned with a motion by Mike Shankle and second by Paul Anderson. Motion carried.

Present: Mike Shankle, Dennis Rowe, Brandon Ward, Larry Billingsley, Paul Anderson, Paul Trumpore, James Lynn Thompson, Phil Sanderson, John Combes, Chad Graham, John Fitzsimmons, Andrew Reed, DeAnn Kelly, Keith Douglas, Lis Henley, Derek Merritt, Chuck Latimer, Donna Tidwell and Doug McQuary.

Mike Shankle