January 2009

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Minutes for January 8, 2009

Lebanon, TN

Those attending were Doug McQuary, Mike Shankle, Larry Billingsley, John Fitzsimmons, Liz Henley, Bruce Collins, Keith Douglas, Derek Merritt, Paul Anderson, Danny Smith, Ron Bennett, Chad Graham, Wendy Denny, Kevin Rainbolt, Jennifer Coleman and Joe Phillips.

After reviewing October minutes a motion was made by Derek Merritt and second by Paul Anderson to accept. Motion passed.

After reviewing December minutes a motion was made by Paul Anderson and second by John Fitzsimmons to accept. Motion passed.

Financial statement showed a balance of $ 40,652.82 with a motion made by Derek Merritt to approve as presented seconded by John Fitzsimmons. Motion passed.

Discussion was brought up concerning TASA having an Executive Director. President McQuary appointed a committee to study and review the pros and cons and report back to the board. Committee consists of Bruce Collins, Chad Graham and Sam Yother.

As it stands as of this date TASA will attempt to have a Legislative reception on March 10 with the EMS day on the hill on March 11. Mike Shankle reviewed the current legislative bills. The following are the current bills being looked at:

2009 pending Legislative issues

Legislation that is supported by the Tennessee Ambulance Service Association.

HB 1649 Jones, U.

SB 1083 Harper

Appropriations – As introduced, appropriates $4 million to the Bureau of TennCare for the sole purpose of funding copay reimbursements for Medicare/Medicaid dual eligible enrollees who utilize emergency medical services.


  • This bill will put back into place the crossover money that was taken away from EMS in 2008.
  • The bill would be effective for FY 2009 / 2010


HB 1113 Shepard

SB 1360 Johnson


TennCare – As introduced, requires the bureau of TennCare to reimburse crossover claims for full benefit dual eligibles at 100 percent of the Medicare allowable charge for ambulance services. – Amends TCA Title 71, Chapter 5.


  • This bill would reinstate the crossover payments that EMS lost in 2008.


SB 1362 Johnson

HB 1998 Curtiss

TennCare – As introduced, requires providers of medical transportation for TennCare enrollees to be reimbursed by the bureau of TennCare and its MCOs for eligible services at 80 percent of current Medicare reimbursement. – Amends TCA Title 71, Chapter 5.

  • This bill would require TennCare and the MCO’s to reimburse both ground and air ambulances at 80% current Medicare rates.


HB 0169 Casada

SB 0767 Crowe


Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, Dept. of – As introduced, requires department to report to general assembly following each meeting on transportation service for persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and serious emotional disturbance. – Amends TCA Title 33.

  • As long as the EMS industry is represented on this committee




Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Minutes for January 8, 2009

Lebanon, TN

Page 3


HB 1385 Harrison

SB 0772 Overbey


Mental Illness – As introduced, provides for prescreening agents, physicians, and psychologists to be considered state employees when assessing persons for admission and transportation to involuntary inpatient treatment; establishes a task force to study issues related to transportation of persons to such treatment. – Amends TCA Title 8, Chapter 42, Part 1 and Title 33, Chapter 6, Part 9.


  • This bill places two people from TASA on the committee for Mental Health Transports


HB 0425 Bell

SB 0198 Bunch

Administrative Procedure (UAPA) – As introduced, requires approval of the general assembly before a permanent rule becomes effective, repeals provisions authorizing emergency and public necessity rules. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 5.

  • This is the Tennessee Code that allowed TennCare to take away the crossover payments.

HB 0219 Fincher

SB 1788 Herron

TennCare – As introduced, requires the department of health to notify each member of the general assembly of any proposed TennCare program changes that will affect services currently provided to TennCare enrollees. – Amends TCA Title 3 and Title 71.

  • Requires that each member of the General Assembly be notified of changes in TennCare that affect more than 250 beneficiaries or affects appropriations greater than $100,000.

HB 0469 Kelsey

SB 0725 Tate


Public Officials – As introduced, provides that there is no residency requirement for the position of a municipal police officer, firefighter, EMT, or EMT-P, or to apply for any such position and gives person aggrieved by any residency requirement imposed a civil cause of action. – Amends TCA Title 6, Chapter 54.


  • Removes laws requiring Police, Fire and EMS employees from residing within a certain geographical area.


Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Minutes for January 8, 2009

Lebanon, TN

Page 4


Tennessee Ambulance Service Association OPPOSES


HB 0106 Matheny

SB 0207 Stewart


Safety – As introduced, requires the emergency medical services board to develop standards for the operation and maintenance of emergency vehicles that impose certain mileage restrictions. – Amends TCA Title 68.


  • This is an issue that should be taken up through the Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical Services.

Mid Winter Conference – Doug McQuary gave an update on the conference. Vendors have been secured to cover most of the meals and breaks. Park Vista has offered an extension of the present contract with a $60 room rate. Committee will make this decision.

John Fitzsimmons gave an update on the Awards committee. All application must be postmarked by January 16, 2009. Scoring will take place on January 21, 2009.

Representatives present gave regional reports.

Joe Phillips gave state EMS report.

Meeting was adjourned with a motion by Derek Merritt and second by Brandon Ward. Motion carried.

Mike Shankle