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Increasing Medicaid to Medicare Fee Schedule

County Resolution Template – Supporting Increased Medicaid Funding (download in PDF format) (download in MSWord format)

Please contact your State Representatives and Senators and ask them to support *HR1175 / *SB1469 which directs TennCare to reimburse ground ambulance providers at a rate not less than the current Medicare fee schedule. TASA and the bill sponsor have requested that the funding ($16 million) for this much needed change be provided within the Governor’s FY20/21 budget. (*Note: the language within the bill is only a “caption” – amendments filed during the Summer Study Session address the actual intent of the bill)

As we all know, Medicare rates do not reflect the actual cost to operate and TennCare rates are, in most cases, half of what Medicare provides. Although this increase will not cover the cost for service, it would greatly improve the financial stability of ambulance services throughout the State and reduce the burden on the local governments/tax payers.

We ask that your relay to your representatives the impact your service and communities are experiencing due to low reimbursement rates. The current ambulance assessment program is merely a bandaid on this issue and should continue as it is being provided at no cost to the State. Additionally, the ambulance assessment program helps to reduce the negative cost of service.