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Free Webinar (9/29/20) – ET3, CARES Stimulus Reporting, Prior Auth, Medicare AAPP

Four major upcoming happenings will take the ambulance industry by storm! Once again, Quick Med Claims will offer up information about these impactful events via webinar on Tuesday, September 29th beginning at 3 p.m Be sure to register to learn details of these important matters affecting all facets of the ambulance industry.

 ET3 is back! Placed on hold for initial Coronavirus response, 2021 will see the ET3 demonstration resurrected. And…we’ll discuss how COVID 19 may just push this initiative further and faster than we all could have imagined

 CARES Stimulus Reporting Guidance Speaking of Coronavirus, it’s time to report how the money was spent. We’ll let you know who must report and what reporting is going to look like

 Medicare Prior Authorization expands nationwide! No longer will Medicare Prior Authorization for scheduled, repetitive transports be a “demonstration program”! Soon…the program will expand nationwide and become part of the global Medicare landscape. Our
panel of experts will provide insight into what the rest of the nation’s ambulance industry can soon expect upcoming!

 Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payment Program If your organization applied for and successfully took part in the Medicare Accelerated and Advanced Payment Program (AAPP) in March of this year, you can now request a delay in the repayment of those funds. We’ll share the details on how you can delay the process.

You don’t want to miss this important QMC webinar.