February 2013

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2013


The meeting was held at the Park Vista in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The meeting was called to order at 12:15 by President Chad Graham.

Roll was called and 78 member services were present. Minutes were read from 2012. There was a motion to approve those minutes by Maury Regional EMS and seconded by Gatlinburg Fire Department. Motion was passed unanimously.

There was no president’s report as Mr. Graham had assumed office the previous night.

The TASA By-Laws change proposal was read to the membership. This by-law change will change the quorum concerning monthly meetings from six TASA board members to eight. There was a motion to approve by Trans-Med Tullahoma and was seconded by Sumner County EMS. All voted in favor of the motion.

The elections were held the previous two days of the Conference. The winners of the TASA elections were tallied and announced by President Graham. They were as follows:

Vice President – East Tennessee – Andrew Reed, Director, Union County EMS

Secretary – Any Region – Keith Douglas, Director, Sumner County EMS

Treasurer – Any Region – Rick Valentine, Assistant Director, Sevier County EMS

Middle Tennessee Grand – Doug McQuary, First Call/Vanderbilt Lifeflight

Legislative Committee Report – Past President Ward reported that the bill making EMS an essential service in Tennessee is in the House and Senate. The bill numbers are: House 1002 and Senate 1313. He urged everyone to contact their representatives immediately. There should be no fiscal note to this bill as all 95 counties have EMS.

The meeting was adjourned. However just after the adjournment, John Combes of Hamilton County EMS asked for a motion to reconvene, which was seconded by McKenzie Regional EMS.  Mr. Combes asked that the election results with votes for Vice President be read aloud.  The following candidates and their votes were announced:

Andrew Reed = 42

Whitney Miller = 28

Tommy Crowder = 8

John Combes = 5

The meeting was again adjoured at 12:52 PM EST

Respectfully Submitted, Chuck Latimer