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EMT of the Year 2006 – Tony Bland

EMT of the Year 2006


Tony Bland

2006 TASA EMT of the year

This recipient began his career close to twenty years ago as a Military trained EMT. He has worked in Robertson, Sumner and Cheatham counties. His commitment to expeditious AirMedical transport was demonstrated and he eventually found his true calling as a Trained Air Communication specialist working for Vanderbilt LifeFlight. He has worked with this team for over 15 years and has safely overseen the transport of over 4,000 patient missions. He has worked on both local and national levels to assist in the training and recognition for EMS in the communication center. While doing this he has continued to serve several other area EMS agencies in an EMT role; he also began service to Angel Neonate transport, which allowed him to facilitate and assist in the transport of the fragile Neonate.

Although his life is dedicated to EMS in some facet; it is the interaction of the evening of September 24 that prompted Robertson County EMS to nominate this individual for the EMT of the year. On this evening, this EMT had the opportunity to do the unimaginable. After experiencing severe Chest Pain, he contacted RCEMS for transport. Initially he requested transport to Vanderbilt, but both the EMT and Paramedic felt his condition needed immediate attention. He was transported to Springfield NorthCrest, at which time upon moving to the ER cot, he sustained a cardiac event. After over an hour of CPR and repeated shocks, he was pronounced at this time. In typical style for this EMT, he began to spontaneously breath and once placed back on the monitor had a perfusing rhythm. He was then taken to the Cath Lab and a Balloon pump inserted.

He was transported by his peers to Vanderbilt. Initially his outcome prognosis was poor. Despite the odds one week later he awakened from his Coma, and requested to know who won the race the week prior.

His courage and perseverance have been inspirational to all; it is my pleasure to introduce Tony Bland as the 2006 TASA EMT of the year.