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EMT-AEMT Training Centers at Ambulance Services passes Legislature

On April 25th the House and Senate passed SB1873 which empowers the emergency medical services board to certify training programs for certain emergency medical services personnel operated by licensed ambulance services. Upon approval by the EMS board, ambulances services within the following counties will be able to provide certification training for EMT’s and AEMT’s as a pilot for the State:

  • Sullivan
  • Washington
  • Carter
  • Johnson
  • Hawkins

Certain other restrictions apply:

(1) The training center must follow the United States department of transportation EMT/AEMT national standard curriculum;
(2) Only ambulance services licensed in this state may establish an EMT/AEMT training program; and
(3) The ambulance service must have a designated instructor coordinator who serves as the training coordinator and manager for the ambulance service.

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