December 2012

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Board Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2012

Present: Brandon Ward – President, Chad Graham – Vice President, Chuck Latimer – Secretary, Andrew Reed – ETG, John Fitzsimmons – MTG, Derek Merritt – WTG, Rick Valentine R2, John Combes – R3, Lis Henley – R5, Ricky Slack – R4, Joyce Noles – R7/8, Roy Griggs, Phil Sanderson, Whitney Miller, Chad McNeill, Doug McQuary, and Joseph Rike.

The meeting was called to order by President Ward at 14:04, and was held in Nashville TN at the State EMS Office – 227 French Landing.

Minutes were read from the October 9th, 2012 meeting. A motion was made to approve by Ricky Slack, and was seconded by Rick Valentine. All voted in favor.
Treasurer’s Report: Was made by President Ward in Larry Billingsley’s absence. Our current balance was $40,837.08. It was discussed that McMahon – Winstead needs to be paid. Discussion was held on how much money TASA has received in dues, but no one could answer. A motion was made to approve by Merritt and seconded by Henley; all voted in favor.

NAEMT Report: John Fitzsimmons reported that the NAEMT had asked members to go on Capwiz and send the form letter to Congress asking them to extend the Medicare Relief Act. The form letter is available on the NAEMT website. John also addressed the NAEMT Advocacy position with their organization. It is open at this time. A motion was made by Chad Graham that TASA send an official letter to the NAEMT stating that TASA recommends that our Past State President serve in this position. The motion was seconded by Merritt, and all voted in favor.

The Washington DC trip was again discussed in detail and how to greatly lower cost. Alternative travel and doubling up of hotel rooms were the two offered suggestions.

COPEC/EMS-C has asked TASA for a representative from our board to serve on their committee. Lis Henley from Region 5 volunteered.

Mid Winter Conference Committee: Doug McQuary reported on the progress and recommended that we book speakers a year in advance. Greg Miller from the Gatlinburg Fire Department is having a sidetrack session with a maximum of 20 attendees. A motion was made by John Combes that TASA allow 2 from each region and 4 at large, as this is a pilot session. The session is an opportunity for EMS supervisors to transition into Director Roles, and for staff employees to transition to supervisor roles. The motion was seconded by Lis Henley, and all voted in favor.

Ballots need to be mailed out 15-45 days before the annual meeting. Vice President (East Grand), Secretary, Treasurer, and Middle TN Grand are coming open in 2013.

Legislative Report: President Ward advised that there would be another 2% TennCare payment reduction.

State EMS Report: Donna Tidwell advised that the EMS Board had given the go ahead to study community paramedicine. They looked at Minnesota specifically as they seem to be the leading state. Donna also discussed the mass casualty buses in each region. There will also be another MCI class in April of 2013. This will be offered first to strike teams – stay and meals will be paid.

New Business: Chad Graham reported that it would cost about $750 to trademark and protect the TASA logo. It was discussed that we can register it for about $100. A motion was made by Valentine and seconded by Combes that we register it and digitize. All voted in favor.

Chad Graham also presented a new TASA picture that we may be able to buy the copyright to. After much discussion, a motion was made that we purchase the black and white print of the picture for $600 by Reed and seconded by Henley. The vote was not clear so it was brought to a roll call. Reed, Valentine, Henley, Fitzsimmons, Ward, Graham and Noles voted yes; Merritt, Combes, Slack, and Latimer voted no. John Fitzsimmons made a motion for 500 of the prints to be ordered in ambulance blue for a cost of $3,250. The motion was not seconded by a board member.

There was also discussion of these prints and other giveaways at the conferences. There was a motion by Ricky Slack to limit the giveaways to what we have currently purchased and these prints, if we decide to order an ample amount of them. It was seconded by Merritt. Motion passed 8-3.

Meeting was adjourned at 16:10.