December 2011

December 8, 2011
State EMS Iris Meeting Room, Nashville, TN

Present: Mike Shankle, John Fitzsimmons, Doug McQuary, Brandon Ward, Derek Merritt, Andrew Reed, James Lynn Thompson, Keith Douglas, Chad Graham, Larry Billingsley, Dennis Rowe, Rodger Paul, John Combes, Ricky Slack, Matt McLane, Mike Anderson, Stacy Rhodes, Donna Tidwell, and Jeff Davis.

President Brandon Ward called the meeting to order at 1100, welcoming all who made the trip.

Minutes were provided from the October 11, 2011 meeting.  After review, Andrew Reed made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections of the Department of Safety changed to Department of Transportation.  Derek Merritt seconded, the motion carried.

Larry Billingsley, treasurer presented the financial report of $44,636.47
Motion was made by Andrew Reed to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Ricky Slack  seconded, the motion carried.

David Chambers ,MD with the American Heart Association addressed the group on the Missions Lines Program which is currently being implemented across the state of Tennessee.

Legislative Report was delivered by Brandon Ward.  He discussed the meeting objective that was scheduled to take place this afternnon at DOT offices in Nashville.  The plan is to come to an agreement with the DOT and TASA an amendment to the current law that would exempt Tennessee State licensed EMS services from DOT inspection.
John Fitzsimmons also requested that TASA go on record in support of two bills actively being presented by NAEMT:  H.R. 3144, the Field EMS Quality, Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness Improvement Act, also known as the “Field EMS Bill,” and S. 1680, the Craig Thomas Rural Hospital and Provider Equity Act of 2011
Motion was made by John Fitzsimmons to support with a second from Andrew Reed.  Motion passed.
Doug McQuary and Chad Graham discussed the Mid-Winter conference in Gatlinburg for February 15 -17, 2012 at the Park Vista, Double Tree hotel.
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Chad reviewed the budget and overview of the conference.  He ask that anyone who had  a vendor or vendors who would like to sponsor to contact one of the committee members.  Doug discussed the AV setup for this year would be different with the help of Region 2 Director’s Association allowing TASA to use their AV equipment making it more attendee friendly.

Chad Graham  reviewed the proposed Policy and Procedure / Standard Operating Guidelines.  As the group had not had time to review it was suggested that copies be sent out and reviewed at January meeting.

John Fitzsimmons discussed EMS day on the Hill in Washington.  He requested that TASA consider sending at least a delegation of 10 to represent TASA and the state of Tennessee.  He then made a motion that TASA send 10 representatives picked by the President to the EMS Day on the Hill in Washington DC.  Motion was seconded by John Combes.  Motion passed.

Lynn Thompson addressed the board with concerns of the current set up of the State EMS Board.  He would like it to be reviewed to be possibly setup to offer more direct EMS representation.  He does not want this to be a negative reflection on the board currently seated, but more equal representation.  Ricky Slack made a motion to for the President to form a committee to look at this issue and study this possible restructure.  Motion was seconded by Andrew Reed.  Motion passed.

Paul Trumpore with the Tennessee Chaplain’s Association   gave a review of the work that has been accomplished by them with a lot of time and hard work.  They have attained death benefits for a  EMS family and deployed 41 chaplains to the tornadoes in Tennessee.

Copies of the Policy and Procedure / Standard Operating Guidelines were handed out and reviewed with Dennis Rowe making a motion to use as a business guideline with a second from Andrew Reed.  Motion passed.

President Ward read a letter from Secretary Shankle requesting that a election be held in February to fill the two remaining years of the office.  Motion was made by Ricky Slack to post the office of Secretary for nominations to be elected at the February meeting along with the West Tennessee Board member position.  Motion seconded by John Combes.  Motion passed

Discussion was held concerning the penalty guidelines set forth by the State EMS Board.  Donna Tidwell ask that TASA have two (2) members to set on that committee to review the penalty guidelines.  Mike Shankle  nominated Larry Billingsley and John Combes with the request that nominations cease.  Seconded by Chad Graham.  Motion passed.

Discussion was held as to continue the legislative consultant contract with Beth Winstead.  After discussion a motion was made to continue by Dennis Rowe with a second by John Combes.  Secretary ask for roll call vote:
Chad Graham Yes
Larry Billingsley  Yes
Mike Shankle Yes
Dennis Rowe  Yes
John Fitzsimmons Yes
Andrew Reed Yes
John Combs  Yes
Roger Paul  Yes
Ricky Slack   No
Derek Merritt Yes
Nine (9) Yes   One (1) No  Motion carried.

Donna Tidwell State EMS Director addressed the board with an update of the state office.

Being no further business a motion was made to adjourn by Derek Merritt seconded by Ricky Slack.