December 2009

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Minutes for December 3, 2009

Lebanon, TN

After reviewing last months minutes a motion was made by Doug McQuary and second by Derek Merritt to accept as presented.  Motion passed.


Financial statement showed a balance of $ 56,476.07 with a motion made by Derek Merritt to approve as presented seconded by Liz Henley.  Motion passed.


After discussing the legislative agenda for the upcoming year it was decided to approach one issue instead of several and concentrate on one issue.  Tenncare was decided to be the topic to focus on.  A motion was made by Chuck Latimer to present a bill that would reimburse services at 80 % of the current Medicare fee schedule for emergency runs.  Doug McQuary seconded motion.  Motion passed.


Doug McQuary reported on the Mid Winter Conference, which is scheduled for February 18-19, 2009.  Plans are to get the brochure out in the next 10 to 15 days.


John Fitzsimmons voiced concerns over new vendors only getting to attend one conference if they register now instead of the July 1 date.  After discussion it was decided to leave as is.  Vendor registration is July 1 of each year and with that they can attend both conferences.

Awards committee chairman John Fitzsimmons discussed the way the website can be used for Award applications and requested that each region remind the services to submit to the program. Due date for Awards packets is January 15th.


Paul Trumpore with the Tennessee Chaplains Association gave a presentation on the Public Safety Officer Benefit program.  There was $311,000 awarded this past year with Paul and his chaplains are trained in processing the paperwork involved in getting this benefit.   He asks that anyone with question concerning this benefit to please notify him.  After the presentation a motion was made by Mike Shankle to give a $1,000 donation to the Tennessee Chaplains Association.  Seconded by John Fitzsimmons motion passed.


Liz Henley gave an update on the Star of Life awards program-taking place on May 11, 2010 at the Sheraton in Nashville.  TASA will place a link to the Star of Life website.


Joe Phillips gave a report for the State EMS division.  He said that a committee is being formed to look at ambulance service rating system.  Along with other issues that need to be updated.   He reported that there has been three fatalities in a two week period of ambulance crashes, these will be investigated to determine if there is a cause that could be changed.


Meeting was adjourned with a motion by Derek Merritt and second by Larry Billingsley.  Motion carried.


Mike Shankle