June 2014 Board Minutes


Board of Directors Minutes


June 5, 2014

President Reed called the meeting to order at 10:15 am

Board Members present: Andrew Reed, Rick Valentine, Keith Douglas, Ricky Slack, Doug McQuary, Tommy Crowder, John Combes, Joyce Noles, Lis Henley, Wallace Elliott and John Fitzsimmons

Board Members absent: Danny Houseright

Others Present: Mike Cook (Chickenhbouse Web Design), Lynn Thompson (Maury Regional EMS), and Andrew Hart (Memphis Fire Dept – new West TN Grand Division Rep.)

Motion by John Combes – 2nd by Joyce Noles to accept the May 1, 2014 TASA Board Minutes as written,motion passed.

Presentations and Monthly Reports

  • Mike Cook – Chickenhouse Web Design – Mike entertained questions/comments about the proposed web site design change. Motion by John Fitzsimmons – 2nd by Ricky Slack to approve the web site design proposal. Roll call vote: unanimous approval 

Financial Report: Rick Valentine – Treasurer reported on the Financial Statement for June 5, 2014. Rick reported that we currently have a balance of $42,464.52. Rick reported that this covers all outstanding bills (including final lobbyist payment for 2014).

State EMS: No report NAEMT:

  • John Fitzsimmons- reported that the World Trauma Symposium will be in Nashville on Nov. 10, 2014 in conjunction with the EMS World Expo
  • EMS Field Bill has been picked up in the Senate by 3 Senators (Colorado, Idaho and S. Dakota)
  • 1st ever CT on board an ambulance was performed in Texas recently
  • discussion regarding new NAEMT Advocate
  • Legislative committee encouraged to to select someone from TASA Board

Committee Reports Mid-Winter: Joyce Noles is currently soliciting topics for speakers

  • Banquet: Lis Henley – No report
  • Equipment: Doug McQuary advises we have audio speaker issues. Discussion of possible repair which could cost between $5000 – $3000. President Reed asked Doug to obtain a price for a complete new speaker (audio) system (both wired and wireless) and a price to upgrade the current system

Reimbursement: Ricky Slack reports that he is working on topics and speakers. Thoughts about utilizing AMB/MARS as a speaker. Need to review last year’s comments.

Legislative: TCRS issue – need to change the age discrimination on the federal level before the issue can be addressed on the State and local level. Keith Douglas and Tommy Crowder will draft legislation change and brief summary to push out to Board – then post to web. Discussion about sending legislative committee to D.C. during summer to have more opportunity to speak with legislators.

Audit/Budget: Appointment of new chairman next month

Bylaws: No report.

Old Business

  • EMS World Expo: Tommy Crowder is getting closer to pinning down venue for TASA Night Out
  • TASA Booth: John Fitzsimmons provided proofs of the design for the TASA booth
  • Definition of “Organization” (Bylaws-membership): After much discussion motion by Ricky Slack – 2nd by John Fitzsimmons to consider each licensed service as listed with the State EMS as an individual organization. Roll call vote taken: yes = 9 /no = 1 motion passed
  • WebEx – board meetings: A test was conducted during todays meeting with serveral board members logged in to evaluate. Lis Henley encouraged board members to have office staff join the WebEx at the next meeting to get a broader evaluation.

New Business

  • Discussion about holding future meetings in different regions and in coordination with regional conferences
  • September board meeting on September 10th in Johnson City prior to Northeast TN EMS/Rescue Conference
  • Motion by Ricky Slack – 2nd by Rick Valentine to accept the nomination of Andrew Hart as West TN Grand Division Representative. Motion passed
  • July meeting moved to June 30th at the State EMS Office (Iris Room) following the MIH/Community Paramedicine meeting which begins at 10am


  • John Combes announced his resignation from the TASA board as a new representative was selected by the Southeast Region. John advised that Stan Clark was selected as the new TASA representative.
  • Tommy Crowder presented a sample of the new lapel pins. Problem noted with the back of the pin where the pin is not centered. These will be sent back and request a second pin (2 pins)

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm