August 2015

Board of Directors Minutes

Ryan’s Restaurant

Lebanon, TN

August 5, 2015


President Reed called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.


Board Members present:  Andrew Reed, Rick Valentine, Keith Douglas, Joyce Noles, Wallace Elliott (conf call), Tommy Crowder, Doug McQuary, Andrew Hart, Shannon Seaton, Lis Henley, Stan Clark, Brad Phillips, Lynn Thompson

Board Members absent:  none

Others Present:  Brian Newberry – Wilson Co EMA, Martha Kendall & Phil Sanderson – AMR, Larry Wilson – LifeCare EMS, Brandon Ward – State EMS, Brian Black

Motion by Ricky Slack – 2nd by Joyce Noles to accept the June 2015 TASA Board Minutes with correction that Tommy Crowder was present, motion Passed.

Monthly Reports

Financial Report:

Rick Valentine emailed financial report showing current balance of $77,540.10

Motion made by Tommy Crowder – 2nd by Andrew Hart to accept the financial report, motion Passed.

 NAEMT –EMS World Expo September 15 – 19, 2015. EMS World would also like TASA to assist with the Firehouse Expo next year October 18 -22, 2016

Committee Reports


Ricky Slack gave a brief update on the status of the conference. Registration is going well.


Keith Douglas discussed the idea of possibly approaching TnCare about putting together a stategy for payment for “treat-no transport” and transports to other destinations.

Lis Henley reported on Medicare legislation regarding payment reform for air medical service. H.R. 822 / S.B. 1149

Audit/Budget: No report.

Bylaws: No report.

State EMS: Asst. Director Brandon Ward gave a quick history on the KKK specifications currently in place for TN and discussed the current options for addressing the recent cot restraint system change. EMS Office attorney states the board cannot waive the recent change based on the way the current rule is written. Looking into the possibility of allowing a grace period. There was much discussion over how the regional consultants will police this issue. Ward stated that the bottom line is – if the ambulance manufacturer provides documentation that the ambulance meets current KKK specifications, the consultant will have no choice but to approve the ambulance.

Motion by Rick Valentine – 2nd by Tommy Crowder to issue a position statement from TASA to the EMS Board that states – although TASA supports the concept of the recent KKK change, the Board should issue a waiver for KKK specification change #8 regarding cot restraint systems. Motion passed

Ward reported on the Replica Compact. Basically if a disaster occurred in TN that did not meet the requirements for an EMAC, EMS services could request assistance e from another state. It also allows the requesting state to take action/share provider information.

State EMS office is requesting TASA to sponsor the legislation for the Replica Compact

Region 8 consultant position: hope to have this open in HR by 8-13-15 and interviews by the end of the month.

 Old Business :

Tax exempt status: Lis Henley reported that MTEMSDA had to revise their bylaws and add a statement about non-profit.

 New Business:

President Reed discussed the KKK spec issue and questioned when new categories of renewal requirements were discussed/approved. He also brought up the fact that TASA does not have a specific position on the Education Committee.

Major discussion over education requirements and lack of new EMT’s/Medics.

Motion by Shannon Seaton – 2nd by Stan Clark for Joyce Noles to reach out to TEMSEA. Motion passed

Brandon Ward reported that next year’s classification forms will be sent out to services and they will select what category they want and the audit will be based on that service’s selection (i.e. ALS vs BLS). Also, a survey committee has been put together to conduct a state-wide survey of services from recruiting, pay and other issues.

Lynn Thompson reported that TASA founder and long time EMS leader Bob Thomas has been diagnosed with cancer. Would like everyone to send him card or come by and visit.

Meeting adjourned at 12:48 p.m.