August 2008

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Minutes for August 7, 2008

Lebanon, TN

About 60 persons attended the meeting.

President Doug McQuary called the meeting to order at 1110 hrs. He introduced Rich Eberle with Southeastrans. Mr. Eberle explained the history of the company and future plans. After a couple of hours of discussion the meeting adjourned to reconvene after giving those who needed to leave the chance.

After reviewing last months minutes a motion was made by Dennis Rowe and second by Ken Wilkerson to accept with correction. Motion passed.

Financial statement showed a balance of $ 3,114.27 with a motion made by Dennis Rowe to approve as presented seconded by Mike Shankle. Motion passed.

The topic of the Medicare/Medicaid crossover payment being done away with was discussed in length. It was decided to ask as many as possible to attend the meeting on the 19th at the TennCare Bureau.

Meeting was adjourned with a motion by Ken Wilkerson and second by Dennis Rowe. Motion carried.

Mike Shankle