April 2017

Board of Directors Minutes

Ryan’s Restaurant Lebanon, TN

April 6, 2017

President Noles called the meeting to order at 10:00 am CST Board Member attendance:

1 Joyce Noles ­ President present 8 Ted Cox ­ South Central Region present
2 Keith Douglas ­ VP/Secretary present 9 Tim Booher ­ Upper Cumberland absent
3 Andrew Reed ­ Past President present 10 Shannon Seaton ­ West Grand Div present
4 Rick Valentine ­ Treasurer present 11 Ricky Slack ­ Middle Grand Div absent
5 Andrew Hart ­ West Region present 12 Greg Miller ­ East Grand Div present
6 Wallace Elliott ­ Upper East Region absent 13 Stan Clark ­ Southeastern Region absent
7 Brad Phillips ­ Region II absent 14 Lis Henley ­ Middle Region present

Others in attendance:

  • Jay Austin ­ Sumner County EMS
  • Brian Williams, AMR
  • Glynn Mooney- Air Evac

 Previous March 2017 meeting minutes:

  • Motion by Seaton – 2nd by Cox to accept the March 2017 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

President Joyce Noles requested to move old business of nomination and vote for Secretary Position.

  • Keith Douglas made the motion to suspend rules and move Secretary position to front of the agenda. Second by Shannon Seaton. Motion carried.


  • Nominations-
    • Shannon Seaton nominated Lis Henley
    • Rick Valentine nominated Ted Cox
  • Lis Henley received the formal vote and accepted the nomination.

Financial Report: Rick Valentine reported balance of $100,928.72.  

  • Motion by Miller – 2nd by Seaton to accept the April treasurer report, motion Passed. State EMS: No representatives

Committee Reports:

NAEMT: Discussion of upcoming NAEMT EMS on the Hill Day in D.C. Reminder that individuals need to register with NAEMT by April 11th  in order to be scheduled for their respective legislators. Anyone wishing to stay at the Washington Plaza and want the TASA rate please follow up with Andrew Reed who can assist with this.  

  • Discussions of Bills on the Hill- April 25
    • Veterans Reimbursement for Emergency Ambulance Services Act (VREASA) HB1445
    • Protecting patient access to emergency medications act H.R. 304
    • Field EMS new draft of legislation
    • EMS memorial bill, not sponsored by NAEMT however is an advocate

Reimbursement Conference Committee: No updates

Legislative Committee: Keith Douglas

  • Community paramedicine bill has been sent back to health committee for language clarification
  • Medicaid Ambulance Reimbursement
    • Passed Senate Finance committee with requested amendment that fees will not be passed onto the patient. Caroline is working on wording.
    • Passed house finance sub committee
  • Amends TCA Title 8, Chapter 27- authorizes state and local governments to provide health insurance benefits to the immediate family members of first responders killed in the line of duty for period of three years after the death of a first responder: requires the state to reimburse local governments that provides such benefits.
    • Removal of EMS- first responders however left police and fire
    • Reduced to a two year period
  • Tenn care budget asking for a 2% increase for ambulance transport- will watch
  • MTEMSDA brought up stretcher transports and the approval process for transports.  Discussion surrounding this and will bring forward in subsequent meetings.

Old business:

  • Committee Appointments-updated and passed out by President Joyce Noles.
  • Keith Douglas requested the bylaw committee look at the annual meeting and quorum required.  

New business:

    • Region 7 & 8 TASA Representative– Andrew Hart has completed his term and will be transitioning to new association president Glynn Mooney.
  • Motion by Andrew Hart and second by Shannon Seaton to accept as new TASA board member representing West TN Region 7 & 8. Motion carried.
      • Thank you to Andrew Hart for all that he has done for TASA and his continued plan to work on legislative items.
    • TN mutual aid law-  Miller presented the TN mutual aid law from 2004, will be going under review and requested that TASA write a letter and send to EMAT, Fire Chiefs Association and CTAS- Kevin Lauer and Matt Purdy for a seat at the table to discuss and make recommendations.  
  • Motion by Greg Miller and second by Tim Cox.  Motion carried.
    • Miller will send bullet points to Joyce Noles
  • HB742- Miller presented that current for police and fire their certifications are paid by the state at the current rate of 600 dollars and there is legislation HB742 requesting to have this raised to 1000 dollars.  See legislation for specific details. EMS requires 120 hours and does not receive any reimbursement from the state and this may be an opportunity for EMS.

Adjourned at 12:00 Motion by Seaton to adjourn and Cox second, motion carried.

Prepared by Lis Henley, TASA Secretary 4-9-2017