April 2016

Board of Directors Minutes

Ryan’s Restaurant

Lebanon, TN

April 7, 2016


President Reed called the meeting to order at 10:12 am

Board Members attendance:

1 Andrew Reed present 6 Wallace Elliott present 11 Ricky Slack present
2 Joyce Noles absent 7 Brad Phillips absent 12 Tommy Crowder present
3 Keith Douglas present 8 Lynn Thompson present 13 Stan Clark absent
4 Rick Valentine present 9 Tim Booher present 14 Lis Henley present
5 Andrew Hart absent 10 Shannon Seaton present

Others Present: Martha Kendall (AMR), Shaun Hale (Air-Evac)

  • Motion by Lis Henley – 2nd by Shannon Seaton to accept the March 2016 TASA Board Minutes as written, motion Passed.

Financial Report: financial report showing current balance of $85,830.39

  • Motion made by Ricky Slack – 2nd by Shannon Seaton to accept the financial report, motion Passed.

State EMS:

No representatives.


Keith Douglas reported that he he had been selected to serve on the NAEMT Foundation. He is looking for volunteers to help with the HOSA competition at this year’s National HOSA Convention in Nashville. The EMS competitions will be held at Volunteer State Community College.

Committee Reports:

Reimbursement: Tommy Crowder reported that he had has confirmed US Attorney General’s office representative will be present to speak about Medicare fraud/abuse. In addition, the compliance manager from TennCare will be speaking on the morning of the 2nd day.

Mid-Winter: No report

Legislative: Keith Douglas offered information on the recent state legislation to prevent MCO’s from requesting refunds beyond 120 days of payment for errors made made the MCO. The legislation died in committee while trying to work with TennCare to establish a rule rather than legislation. Current information provided appears to indicate this legislation would be against State and Federal regulations.

Lengthy discussion of degreed paramedic study. The education committee sent a recommendation to the State Board requesting to establish a task force to study the feasibility of requiring an AAS for future paramedic licensure. Task force members to include:

  • 8 members of the Education Committee
  • 8 members from the regional director’s associations
  • 1 member from TASA
  • 1 member from TEMSEA

Star of Life Awards Banquet – May 5th. Board members interested in attending should contact President Reed.

State EMS Board & Committees: Discussion regarding the lack of information available regarding committee and board meetings. Additional discussion regarding the amount of time between certain committee meetings and board meetings henders those not able to attend these meetings from the ability to be informed.


  • After a lengthy board discussion motion by Rick Valentine – 2nd by Lynn Thompson for President Reed to draft a letter to be sent to Director Tidwell requesting:1. Provide more detailed information within the board/committee agendas2. Live stream committee meetings

    3. Change/add board policy that requires a minimum of 15 days between a committee recommendation and board action on such recommendation.

    Motion passed

  • Motion by Ricky Slack – 2nd by Tim Booher to buy one additional button up and one polo for board members. Motion passed.

Adjourned at 11:39 am