April 2013

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2013

President Graham called the meeting to order at 10:21 a.m.
Motion by John Combes, second by Rick Valentine to approve the Jan. 3, 2013 TASA Board Minutes. Motion passed.
The minutes from the 2013 TASA Annual meeting was distributed for review purposes and will be presented for approval at the 2014 TASA Annual meeting.
Motion by Andrew Reed, second by Rick Valentine to accept the appointment of new members. Motion approved.

Roll call by Secretary Keith Douglas – Board Members Present: Chad Graham-President, Andrew Reed-Vice-President, Rick Valentine-Treasurer, Keith Douglas-Secretary, Doug McQuary-Middle TN Grand Div., John Combes-Southeastern, Danny Houseright-Region II, Ricky Slack-Upper Cumberland, Wallce Elliot-Upper East TN, John Fitzsimmons-South Central, Joyce Noles-West TN, Lis Henley-Middle TN
Board Members Absent: Brandon Ward-Past President, Derek Merritt-West TN Grand Div.

Others Present: Julie Guthrie, B. Renee Toban, Glynn Mooney, Shaun Hale, Whitney Miller, Dennis Rowe, Twila Rose, Tommy Crowder, Jeff Davis

President Graham explained the vacancy of the East TN Grand Division due to the recent election of Andrew Reed as Vice-President. President Graham further advised that the selection of the open board position was the responsibility of the Board. List of nominees received from the regions represented within the East TN Grand Division are:
Region I = Tommy Crowder / Region II = J.R. Gore / Region III = Whitney Miller
Motion by John Combes, seconded by Doug McQuary to conduct a roll call vote on the nominees. Motion failed.
Motion by Lis Henley, seconded by Ricky Slack to use ballots on the selection of nominees. Motion passed.
Paper ballots were distributed to each board member (except President). Dennis Rowe was asked to retrieve ballots and tally the vote totals. Dennis Rowe announced a tie. President Graham then submitted his ballot. Dennis Rowe announced Tommy Crowder received the most votes.
Motion by John Fitzsimmons, seconded by Ricky Slack to destroy the ballots. Motion passed.
Dennis Rowe destroyed the ballots.
Tommy Crowder assumed his position on the Board as East TN Grand Division Representative.

President Graham discussed:
• vision for TASA and encouraged members to offer input for a 3-5 year plan • offered the TASA art work prints to be distributed to each region
• Maury EMS is requesting services to participate in the state-wide compensation/benefits study – please contact President Graham or your regional
representative if interested (also see information posted on the TASA website)

Financial Report – Treasurer Rick Valentine advised that he had just received the TASA checkbook from Twila Rose prior to meeting. Current balance = $31,716.00 which represents all bills from the conference being paid). Treasurer to provide form of financial reporting after today’s meeting.
Motion by Doug McQuary, seconded by Lis Henley to accept the Financial Report. Motion passed.

State EMS – State EMS Director Donna Tidwell offered the following:
• Hospital movement evacuation education notices going out as part of Disaster Prepardness
• Trying to get SMART Triage online training started – will be getting with Strike Team leaders to come to Nashville for a 1 day seminar.
• Mass fatality workshop being offered and encouraged – especially those services responsible for Medical Examiner duties
• Requesting input on the draft of state-wide Mass Fatality Plan
• 2 upcoming training sessions:
o Strike Team (contact your regional consultant)
o Multi-Casualty (contact your regional consultant)
• Sincere appreciation to TASA for recognition of Jackie Wilkerson at the recent TASA Annual Awards Banquet and for the flowers sent due to her sister’s recent passing
• Discussion and follow-up of the pilot EMS Leadership course held at TASA Mid-Winter Conference. Currently designed for “entry level” management. Course evaluations seemed to suggest more scenarios, more interaction, mentoring and leadership psychology. Considering 2nd pilot course at this year’s Reimbursement Conference (October)
• New scope of practice takes effect April 11. EMT-IV’s will have until December 31, 2016 to transition into AEMT. The transition requires an 8 hour bridge course (on-line portion available is 4 hours) with a written exam. More information to come regarding the transition.

President Graham discussed committee appointments and structure along with the upcoming EMS World Expo coming to Nashville in the fall of 2014. TASA has been asked to assist EMS World with the Expo.

NAEMT Report – John Fitzsimmons provided discussion of the report as affiliate council member.
It was requested that the 2013 TASA Award recipients be added to the minutes.
Robert Schell (McKenzie Regional EMS) – Jimmy Studdard EMT Award
Kevin Tucker (Maury Regional EMS) – Larry Griffin Paramedic Award
Lincoln Medical Center EMS – Bob Thomas ALS Service of the Year Award
Brandon Morris (Hardin County EMS) – John Bond Administrator Award
Jackie W. Wilkerson (State EMS) – Tommy Erwin Lifetime Achievement Award (Posthumous)
Dr. John A. Nixon (Vol. State Comm. College & First Call Ambulance – Dr. C Robert Clark Medical Director Award
Dennis Rowe (Rural Metro) – L. Gale Allen President’s Leadership AwardLegislative Report – EMS as an essential service bill was withdrawn.

Discussion about regrouping and obtaining support from each county throughout the State before reintroducing next year.

Brief discussion regarding the TASA logo rendering that was offered by President Graham.

Suggestion was to attempt to get a sample on cloth for each proposed design.

President Graham recessed the Board for a 10 minute break at 11:45 a.m.
President Graham called the meeting back to order at 11:55 a.m.

President Graham presented a sample TASA brochure that could be offered at special functions. Ricky Slack offered that TASA look into creating an informational video. It was decided to defer any action until next month and provide more information.

President Graham discussed the possible opportunity to partner with an attorney to assist TASA. He advised Attorney Tony Dalton specializes in EMS law and has shown a willingness to provide consultation. Motion by Ricky Slack, seconded by Andrew Reed to allow any attorney interested in
partnering with TASA to attend next Board meeting. Attorney’s would have 20 minutes to speak and TASA will pay for their gas for travel. Motion passed.

John Fitzsimmons advised the Board that he was taking it upon himself to host a special lunch for previous TASA leaders in recognition of TASA’s 40th anniversary. This will be held at Monell’s Restaurant in Nashville in conjuction with the monthly Board meeting at 10AM. Attendance to the luncheon is limited to invitation only due to seating capacity.

Motion was made by Ricky Slack, seconded by Tommy Crowder to defer the attorney issue until the June Board meeting. Motion passed.
Motion was made by Andrew Reed seconded by John Fitzsimmons to adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 12:56 p.m.