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ALS Service of the Year 2006 – Medical Center EMS, Jackson TN

ALS Service of the Year 2006
(accepting the award – Johny Farris)

Medical Center EMS, Jackson TN 

2006 TASA ALS Service of the Year

 This EMS service has over 100 employees. They provide EMS services at the Advanced Life support level.

They have encouraged and supported the continuous process of high standard of pre-hospital care communities have come to expect and deserve. This EMS agency supports the region as the Regional Communication Center.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed and devastated a large portion of the Gulf Coast in August 2005. As a response to this catastrophic event, this EMS agency immediately set up a plan of action. Their plan was to provide this ever so desperate part of our country some much needed help. The local resources in that area were taxed way beyond what they ever imagined they would be called upon to do. This EMS agency realized this and responded quickly and efficiently to aid a sister EMS service in need.

The willingness of the employees to donate their time and energy speaks volumes about this caliber of an EMS agency.

As a neighbor EMS service, Gibson County EMS, GC EMS has also had the experience of being the recipient of their willingness to assist on a number of occasions. Therefore with this in mind Gibson County nominated this organization for the 2006 TASA service of the year award.

It is my pleasure to introduce the 2006 service of the year: Medical Center EMS, Jackson TN.