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Advanced EMT Transition Course

Service Directors, Instructor Coordinators,

The Online AEMT Transition course will go live on Friday December 20, 2013.  EMT IVs will have until December 31, 2016 to complete the transition process.

After December 31, 2016 any EMT IV that has not completed the transition course will either have to downgrade their license before their expiration date or will not be renewed.  Any EMTIV who expires and meets the time frame for reinstate will be allowed to reinstate as an EMT.

There is no fee for the online however agencies or institutions offering the in classroom training may have a charge.  Students are told to contact the agency or institution for registration and inquire about any fee associated with the classroom practical session.

Information and instructions as to how to register for the online are found on our website under Featured Topics. They are “AEMT Transition Course Instructions” once that document is read by the student they will be directed to the next document “Course Sign up Instructions”.

One important note for agencies if you have You Tube blocked on your system you will need to get your IT department to allow this site as this online course uses You Tube in the delivery of the content

It is important for directors to know and instructors to remind the students the following:  “The EMT IV to AEMT transition will not change the individual’s expiration date.  If the class completed and the individual received on the 10th of the month and your expiration date is the last day of that month and year you will still expire on the last day of the month.  It is their responsibility to renew the license on time.

The ratio of instructor to student is at least one (1) instructor to eight (8) students however during the post meeting with the instructors after the beta course it was determined by the instructors present if you want to finish in 4 hours you really need a ratio of one (1) instructor to six (6) students.

Before holding the practical lab and check off for the transition the lead instructor must complete: “Application for Transition Course Approval” at least 30 days before the class.


Students should bring certificates of successful completion from six (6) online modules.  They also have access to the skills and check off sheets to print and review before coming to class.  There is a demonstration in the modules of the skills they are required to watch before coming to class.  This will allow for more time for practice and less time you will need to spend in demonstration.  All skills must be practiced and a final skills evaluation signed off by the instructor using the attached skills sheets.  There is one exception which is nitrous oxide.  The instructor will need to review the indications, contraindications and the administration procedure for nitrous in the classroom.  The students will need to practice an oral station on administration of nitrous and there must be an oral skills evaluation station on nitrous and completion of the Check off sheet for nitrous. Individuals should be reminded if they work for a service that uses Nitrous Oxide the service must provide in-service and documentation of check off on their type of administration device before they are authorized to use nitrous in the field.

Once classroom is complete the lead instructor will complete the “Verification Form for EMTIV to AEMT Transition” to include each student attending.  If they do not have all certificates or some printed blank just place an * in the online verification column.  We will be able to verify completion from the online through research of the system.  If they have not completed we will notify the student of the need to correct the deficiency before we can transition.  The instructor should submit to the Office of EMS, 665 Main Stream Drive, Nashville, TN  37243 the following:

·         a copy of the completed Application for Transition Course Approval

·         the Verification Form for EMTIV to AEMT Transition”

·         All completed practical skills sheets

·         All completed certificates from online course.

Any questions may be directed to or or call 615-741-2213 or 615-741-4521.


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