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AAA Medicare Add-On Call to Action

From the American Ambulance Association:

Legislative Action Center

The temporary Medicare ambulance add-ons expire at the end of this year.  This includes the 2% urban and 3% rural increases as well as the super rural bonus payment.  Senators Charles Schumer, Pat Roberts, Patrick Leahy and Mary Landrieu have introduced the Medicare Ambulance Access Act (S. 1405) which would extend the ambulance add-ons for five years.  It is critical that Congress extend this relief.  Please therefore write your Senators and ask that they cosponsor the Medicare Ambulance Access Act.  Please write today!

To write letters, simply click on the alert in the box labeled “Take Action!”.  You will be automatically directed to a page with further instructions and will be provided a sample letter.  The tool is easy to use, will send the letter for you and takes only a few minutes! Go to to send your letter.