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TASA Administrative Liaison

Last year the State of Tennessee established a state/federal funding grant for the provision of acquiring an administrative position for TASA to assist with the Ground Ambulance Service Provider Assessment Act (TCA ยง 71-5-1505). In as many months, TASA has worked closely with TennCare and their Grant Division to define the roles and responsibilities as well as the budget within this grant. It is important to note that no TASA funds are being used to fund this position, except (due to state contract requirements) those funds necessary for the initial start-up which will be reimbursement to TASA from the grant.

In February of 2020 the Grant was approved by all parties and the position of TASA Administrative Liaison was advertised for applicants. On May 1, 2020, Keith Douglas was selected by TASA and approved by TennCare officials to fill this role of TASA Administrative Liaison on a part-time contracted basis.

The goals of this position are to:

  • Assist providers in navigating the program
  • Resolve and/or route inquiries from providers
  • Assist TennCare in resolving delinquencies
  • Announce and coordinate the annual cost & utilization reports
  • Provide timely information to TennCare from the Office of EMS regarding provider changes
  • Provide other administrative functions/communications about all matters concerning the Medicaid and assessment program
  • Assist TASA in supplementary administrative functions aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of services delivered to patients in Tennessee

Keith can be contacted by phone at 615-572-8017 or email at